8 Best tips for hair care during pregnancy

    During pregnancy, all women experience a myriad of hormonal and physiological changes. These changes can cause a wide array of hair-related problems that can affect the way a pregnant woman’s hair looks. A lot of pregnant women complain of excessive hair fall and other issues such as hair thinning, dandruff, and rough hair. Pregnancy is a beautiful time in any woman’s life and these hair problems can have an adverse effect on the way she feels. There are several ways to tackle the hair problems that occur during pregnancy.

    Here we have compiled a list of the best tips for hair care during pregnancy that can help you tackle hair woes.

    1. Head Massage with Oil

    A lot of women experience excessive hair fall during their pregnancy. This can become a huge cause of concern and stress for any pregnant woman. However, with the help of the traditional head massage with natural oils, it is possible to control hair fall. You can warm up a little bit of natural oil and massage it gently onto your scalp for a few minutes. An oil massage will promote blood circulation in the scalp and prevent shedding of the hair. Natural oils like coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are loaded with hair-benefiting ingredients that enable them to control hair fall and encourage the growth of new hair.

    2. Use Mild Hair Care Products

    At the time of pregnancy, it is highly recommended to use mild hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, hair serum that are not laced with chemicals. As using chemical-infused harsh hair care products can not only cause new hair problems but also worsen the existing ones. On the other hand, using organic or herbal shampoo and hair serum can promote the overall health of your hair and ensure that they look flawless at all times. Pick products that contain powerful natural ingredients like Argan oil, avocado, etc., to ensure that troubling hair woes stay at bay. Also, you can use hair fall-control hair serum to combat hair fall whilst improving the texture of your hair strands.

    3. Avoid Tight Hairstyles

    Wearing tight hairstyles during pregnancy can cause a lot of discomfort. Avoid tight braids and other such hairdos as they can be uncomfortable to carry and also cause hair fall. Pregnant women who are already experiencing hair problems like dandruff, split ends should also avoid these hairstyles as they can further exacerbate the existing problems whilst leading to unnecessary breakage of the hair. Instead, wear loose hairstyle and apply a dollop of hair serum to make sure that they look put-together.

    4. Consume a Balanced Diet

    What you eat during your pregnancy can also have a huge impact on the condition of your hair. Not consuming a healthy and balanced diet could weaken your hair follicle and cause various issues such as hair fall, thin hair, itchy and dry scalp. To prevent these problems from affecting the way your hair looks and feels, consume a balanced diet that comprises of fresh fruits and vegetables. Include fruits like blueberries, papaya, guava and vegetables like broccoli and spinach in your diet to ensure your hair gets vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals essential for the health of the hair.

    5. Avoid Combing Wet Hair

    Another effective hair care tip that you can use during pregnancy to tackle annoying hair problems like hair fall is to avoid combing wet hair. A lot of women make the mistake of combing their hair right after washing it with shampoo and conditioner. Doing so can damage your hair follicles and weaken them. It can cause your hair to fall excessively. That is why it is essential to avoid combing wet hair. Instead, try to air dry it for a little while then use a blow-dryer at low heat before combing your locks with a wide-tooth wooden comb.

    6. Use Natural Ingredients for Hair Care

    Using natural ingredients for hair care purposes at the time of pregnancy can help you ward off problematic conditions and attain thick and shiny hair. Natural ingredients like amla oil, coconut oil, banana, honey, yogurt, avocado, and eggs are enriched with powerful compounds like vitamin C and E and antioxidants that treat hair fall and boost hair growth. You can use these ingredients at the comfort of your home to make hair masks and packs capable of improving the beauty of the hair without causing any damage to their health.

    7. De-stress

    Studies have found that stress is one of the common reasons associated with hair fall during pregnancy. Reducing stress can prove to be extremely beneficial during pregnancy not just for the condition of your hair but overall physical and mental health. Try to incorporate de-stressing activities like meditation and yoga in your daily routine to relax and prevent the harmful effects of stress.

    8. Stay Away from Hair Coloring Products

    Most of the commercial hair coloring products contain strong chemicals. Using these products at the time of pregnancy can cause not just hair fall but also lead to infection or allergy. Medical studies have found that these products can have health-damaging effects as well. So, it is best to stay away from hair coloring products.

    Anil Panghal
    Anil Panghal
    Anil Panghal is the Content Manager at Dbsouq. He writes about cosmetics & beauty, health, men or women fashions topics.

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