Best Hair Care Tips for Winter Season

    Winter is coming, so as the hair problems. Therefore, it is the time to pay attention to your hair care schedule. So, to assist you in that, we have brought some of the best hair care tips for the winter season from the exclusive interview with the specialist for hair treatments. Make a proper routine and implement these tips in order to take fitting care of your hairs. The tips are as follows:

    1. Go with Cold Water Bath

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    One of the major mistakes which the majority of the people do in winter is taking a hot water shower for hairs. Hot water shower drains the moisture of the hair and makes it brittle and dry. Instead of a hot water shower, one is advised to choose cold water for hairs. Cold water is handy in maintaining the shine of the hairs and prevents clogging. Also, Cold Water supports the strengthening of hair follicles.

    2. Deep Conditioning

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    As the hairs become dry and rough in winter, so it is very important for us to nourish them on the regular basis and one of the best methods of nourishing the hairs is deep conditioning. A deep conditioning treatment will assist the hairs in restoring and maintaining its shine, growth, moisture and most importantly its softness. To carry out the deep conditioning treatment take a ripe banana and mix it well with the 1/4th cup of thick milk. Also, add two teaspoons of raw honey to it. Stir them well and employ it on the hairs and scalp gently. Keep this paste for 30-45 mins and then wash with cold water. Repeating this process once in a week or twice in a month is recommended.

    3. Anti-Dandruff Hair Mask

    During winter, itchiness and irritation are experienced in the scalp which is mainly due to dandruff. Therefore, use the anti-dandruff hair mask to remove itchiness or irritation from the hairs. To make an anti-dandruff hair mask, dip the fenugreek seeds for the whole night and then prepare a mixture of these soaked fenugreek seeds with two teaspoons of lemon juice (on the next morning). Also, add 8-9 drops of olive oil and tea tree oil to this mixture. Now employ this mixture on your hairs and keep it for next 30 mins before washing it with the lukewarm water.

    4. Seal the Ends

    Seal the ends

    By sealing the ends, one can prevent the problem of breakage and split ends. Generally, it is observed that the hairs loses its moisture during the winter and starts breaking. So, to avoid this, one should look to nourish their hairs on the regular basis, preferably twice or thrice in a week. Feed and massage the hair ends with the nutrient-rich moisturizer like Vitamin E Oil, Olive oil, castor oil, wheat germ oil, etc.

    5. Trim your hair

    Trim Hair

    Trimming the hair is another method which one can use to avoid breakage and split ends. Also, this practice supports the healthier growth of hairs. So, look trim your split ends in every two months.

    6. Stop over-washing your hair

    Washing the hairs over and over, again and again, can strip the essential nutrients from the hairs. So, never wash your hairs more than twice a week.

    7. Control Frizz

    Frizzy hair

    Frizzy hairs are mainly caused due to the lack of nourishment. Hoodie, sweater, scarf, or bean, all leads to a frizzy mess. So, provide the proper nourishment to the hairs, in order to control frizz.

    8. Only Use Silk or Satin Winter Hats

    If you possess a love for hats, then only prefer silk or satin winter hats as the hats with fabrics like wool, cotton, and others can cause breakage and split ends.

    9. Hot Oil Massage

    Hot oil massage is one of the best hair care tips for the winter season as it helps in retaining the shine of the hairs. Other health benefits of hot oil massage are that it prevents dry and flaky scalp, treats dandruff, manage split ends, and sustain the hairs.

    10. Fight the Flakes

    During winter both men and women face extra dried and itching hairs. This is mainly caused due to the lack of moisture and with the period of time, it leads to hair fall. So, one should be very conscious in providing proper nourishment to the hairs. So, to fight against the flakes, warm the olive or coconut oil and add lemon juice to it. Now, stir it until they get mixed up properly. After this, massage the hairs for 20 to 30 minutes with this mixture. At last wash the hairs with shampoo and conditioner.

    These are the 10 best hair care tips for the winter season which you can use to protect the hairs. We expect you would have liked the content. For any query, do comment in the space provided below.

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