Gym Gossip: Myths, and Lies

    Many people are gaining interest in the fitness industry either as investors or as fitness enthusiasts. As an ardent fan, you are a potential victim to be facing the gym gossip, myths, and lies that are common in the gym. Myths are likely to catch up with those who are desperate for a quick transformation. Meanwhile, your best workout plan may not see the light of the day because of these misleading myths.

    1. No Pain No Gain

    Workouts for Fit shape

    Like fishing, no time no gain in fishing, If you have ever been inside any Gym, the notice no pain no gain is one of the signs that will welcome you. Many people misinterpret this to mean leaving the gym with a sore body and aching muscles is the ticket a body builder’s physique.

    Any prolonged pain after a workout could be indicative of an underlying injury. Exercise should not harm you.

    Any routine that adds pain to your body will not motivate you to continue exercising. A challenge cannot be the same as continuous pain.

    2. Stretching Before Exercise to Prevent Injury

    Girl Stretching Workout

    A warm-up routine is not the same as stretching exercise. Stretching cannot prevent injuries especially when you get involved in the long uncomfortable stretches without preparing your body (warming up).

    Stretching improves flexibility, especially at the joints. Muscle tenacity also depends on stretching.

    3. Diet and Not Weight Training Will Help You Lose Weight

    Diet and workout

    Because the immediate benefits of a workout plan are not obvious, most people resort to diet and other short-term measures in the hope of seeing changes in their body.

    Cutting down on calories on your diet will make you lose weight faster than maintain your diet and burning fats and calories through exercise. That is not to say that exercise is not effective. You can pick on exercise as a lifestyle, which is easy to control compared to a diet plan that may be affected by external factors such your budget, timing, type of work, etc.

    Losing weight through dieting will see you lose both mass (weight) and muscle. Losing weight through exercise will help you lose mass and build on muscle, which in the end burns fat quickly.

    Exercise will play a significant role in maintaining your metabolic rate too.

    4. An Energy Drink During or After a Workout?

    Girl Jogging and drinking health drink from sipper

    Let those who are on a high intensity or strenuous exercise without enough breaks between sets use energy drinks. For example, long-distance runners or triathlon athletes are under constant pressure, and their bodies lose a lot of sugar through sweat. Energy drinks have glucose that replaces the lost sugars.

    If you hit the gym and have a rest in between your workouts, there is no need for an energy drink as your body is working at an optimum. Please take water if you are into moderate sports. Do not buy in on the manufacturers’ campaign.

    5. Exercise Helps in Losing Weight Fast

    The idea that you will shed weight the moment you step into a gym is a far-fetched lie. For your body to lose weight through exercise, you must be able to follow up a routine for a period that allows your body to adjust to its new “settings.” The new level of endurance and exercise tolerance is what makes the difference. Trust whomever you like or me, your body is a like a machine, and you cannot get the “settings” in a month. Register for the gym membership take up exercise as a lifestyle and see your body respond accordingly.

    6. Supplements for Big Muscles


    If you are a typical fitness freak who is in weight training to stay fit while maintaining a defined muscular body, then supplements should not be part of your diet. Supplements is a basic need for a professional bodybuilder and in some cases, professional bouncers who need the big muscle to scare away rowdy patrons.

    You will find the argument that we need protein to build muscles, this is very true, and it is true that protein is readily available in the food that we eat. Most supplements are not that special. They are the extracts from the food you can easily find on your table.

    7. I must Workout Daily for The Best Results

    An excellent and realistic fitness program should not force you to be at the gym every other day. You can implement interval training where you spend less time on the gym but with a highly intense workout routine. If you must attend the gym every day, spread your workout evenly so that your body can find time to repair itself.

    An ideal regiment will give you rest days in between workout days for rest.

    8. You will find it Hard to Adapt to Exercise as you Get Old

    Workout can be picked up at any age provided you know how to go about it. No prior experience is necessary to be a fitness enthusiast. You pick, move and go, and within a short while, you will see the benefits of good health.

    Find a routine that matches your fitness levels and will be appropriate if you have any prevailing condition.

    Keep an open mind when you visit the Gym. Ask when not sure what a particular routine does to the body. Myths are quite believable because those that talk about them are the experienced fitness enthusiasts.

    Do not be discouraged from your progress.

    Brian Lange
    Brian Lange
    Brian Lange is the founder of Fishing Pax, a fishing blog dedicated to providing honest fishing tips and information. He aspires to help his readers achieve their dream fishing day experience by sharing personal tips learned through both years of experience and thorough research.

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