Five Things You Should Know Before You Hit the Gym


To the most of the “laic” world, weight lifting seems like a very simple affair – You go to gym, lift until you can lift no more and your muscles grow as a result. It is only when we start implementing this severely lacking strategy we see that the list of things that separates an average Joe from an average Arnold goes way beyond the number of reps. Do not make such mistake and cripple your chances of succeeding from the get-go. Here are few tips that should help you to start your weight-lifting journey on the right foot.


1. Have a Clear Goal

Did you know that the regular gym newbie is capable of packing as much as 9kg (20 pounds) of lean muscle mass over the course of just one year? The only way this amazing progress is possible, however, is by setting this golden goal for the next year and pursuing it like your life depends on it. You are not that ambitious? Fine. Set yourself goal of bench pressing 5 more kilos by the end of the month. The only important thing is to have some goal that will keep you on course, or you will quickly lose yourself in aimless, unproductive repeating.