Learn how to keep yourself safe from infections at the gym

    Infections at the gym or a park isn’t too uncommon. In fact, these two are the most probable places to contract infections from other folks around us. Nevertheless, a few simple and completely doable measures are all that one requires to keep safe.

    Have you ever thought that while you’re visiting a gym to get yourself fit and healthy, you’re actually exposed to the risk of contracting an infection from a fellow gym member? Every single equipment in the gym goes through the hands of several people ranging from few to hundreds (depending on the popularity of the gym) in a day. It’s likely that a few of them might be sick with an infection as common as common cold.

    Several of the infections are air-borne or fomite-borne (transmitted through the usage of infected articles) which are easy to contract in a populated gym. If you’re not careful you’re in for a shock. I’m sure catching infections at the gym is the last thing you have on your mind. Here are a few measures you could take to avoid a possible chance of contracting an infection.

    Tips to avoid infections at the gym

    1. Keep a Towel

    woman with towel drinking water from bottle in gym

    Bring your own towel to the gym. And, make sure you use it. Keeping yourself clean and dry from sweat is important. A wet skin is more likely to contract infection as dirt or any infectious particulate can easily stick on a wet skin.

    2. Use a hand Sanitizer

    You must always carry a hand sanitizer with you when you go to a gym. To keep yourself safe from infections at the gym, you must keep away from bacteria and other pathogens that causes infections. Whenever you touch anything that could be potentially infected disinfect your hands with the sanitizer.

    3. Avoid Sharing

    As long as you’re in a gym, you shouldn’t share your gear or other stuff with anyone, no matter how close that person is to you. Also, you shouldn’t use anyone else’s things as well. You never know what item could be infectious. No one is immune to infections, and, thus, even if intentions are of mutual help, an infection might be spread.

    4. Clean Gear at Gym

    Always wear clean clothes to the gym. Change immediately after the gym and wash the gym clothes before you think about reusing them. Also, do not let those dirty clothes rest in the bag for long. The longer they stay unclean, more chances of contamination.

    5. Take Shower

    man using shower gel

    Always take a shower after your finish a gym session. Not only would it make you feel refreshed after a satisfying workout session, it will also wash off any dirt or infection particulate you might have collected in the gym.

    6. Feet Hygiene

    You must take special care of your feet. The space between the toes is especially an area that is easy to miss while you’re taking a bath in hurry. It is also an area that is trapped in your shoes and cramped between other toes, thus more sweaty. Make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned the space between toes to avoid athlete’s foot and other fungal infections.

    7. Take an Off if Sick

    Skip the gym if you’re unwell (infectious or not). Not only you’re risking other people to catch infection from you (if you’ve infection), you’re also risking yourself into catching another infection since your immunity would already be weak due to the sickness.

    8. Visit Early in The Morning

    Some of the germs that might have settled on the equipment last night would already be dead. Also, the gym would have been cleaned and thus less chances of contracting any infection. However, only a limited number of users can take benefit of the same.


    If you want to protect yourself from infections at the gym, you must take care of your personal hygiene. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself clean throughout your workout session.

    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Kishor Kumar is a blogger, writer, entrepreneur, enthusiast learner, and occasional web designer. He is founder of Zigverve, Zigreads, Books & Writers and PastelRed.

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