12 Effective home remedies to treat acidity

    Got heartburn? Try these remedies to treat acidity using things available at home for a quick relief.

    Heartburn or acidity can result from acid reflux or ulcers presenting with a stomach ache, flatulence (gas), nausea, bad breath or similar symptoms. If not attended quickly acidity can really take a huge toll on you and your work (constant pain leads to decreased focus and poor efficiency). But, don’t worry. It’s not a thing that cannot be taken care of. In fact, symptomatic relief can be quick even with the help of home remedies. (However, DO NOT forget to consult the doctor for treating the underlying cause. Also, at times what might seem as an acidity pain, it might as instead be a heart attack. Visit your doctor even if you’re relieved of the symptoms by the following remedies).

    Cold milk

    jars and glass of milk

    Milk has good amounts of calcium which prohibit the acid formation and also absorb any excessive acid in the stomach. Moreover, according to studies the coldness provides instant relief by quenching the burning sensation from the acid.

    The idea is to drink milk absolutely cold without adding anything to it, not even sugar. Nevertheless, adding a little of ghee (clarified butter) does seem to quicken the relief by adding a protective layer of fat on the mucosa.



    Bananas are rich in potassium and, thus, help in lowering the acid production and treat acidity. Also, banana aids in mucous production which creates a protective cover over the internal gut lining. Moreover rich fiber content improves digestion and gut motility.

    For all these factors eating banana can really help you in fighting acidity.

    Basil Leaves/Tulsi


    Similar to banana, tulsi also promotes mucus production by the stomach. Tulsi is also known have some anti-ulcer properties.

    About 4-5 tulsi leaves can be chewed to help you treat acidity, no matter how severe.

    Cumin Seeds/Jeera

    cumin seeds caraway Jeera

    Jeera stimulates the production of saliva that aids in digestion, augments metabolism, and alleviate flatulence and other stomach problems. It also helps in healing ulcers.

    In Ayurveda, jeera is believed to soothe irritated nerves.

    Jeera can be consumed in similar ways as saunf i.e. either directly chewing seeds or boiling them in water and drinking the water after cooling down.

    Saunf – aniseed or fennel seed

    Saunf aka Fennel Seed or Aniseed

    Saunf contains some volatile oils that provide it with anti-ulcer properties. They also play a role in digestion and relieve both gas and constipation. Moreover, it helps in cooling the stomach lining, thus relieving it from the burning sensation of the acidity.

    The seeds act instantly in relieving the symptoms simply by chewing a few seeds.

    Another method is to boil the seeds in water, leave them overnight and consume the water in morning.


    Clove or Laung

    If you have ever eaten clove, which I believe you have, you would note its pungent flavor. The flavor is responsible for excessive saliva secretion which augments digestion and relieves acidity. Clove has carminative (dispelling gas and preventing bloating) property and enhances peristalsis.

    To use the clove you simply need to chew it once, and its juice would be released in the mouth. Keep the clove there. The slow release of its juice would help in alleviating the acid reflux.



    Mint has a cooling effect thus soothing the burning stomach right away. It also helps in reducing the acid amount and accentuates digestion.

    Mint leaves could be chopped fine and boiled with water. Drink after cooling for a relief from acidity, indigestion, and flatulence.

    Cardamom (Elaichi)

    Cardamom or Elaichi

    Elaichi is known to stimulate digestion and alleviate spams in the gut. Also, it helps in dealing with the excessive acids in the stomach.

    To treat acidity Elaichi can be consumed by crushing and boiling it in water. Drink after it’s cooled down.


    Ginger aka Adrak

    Ginger root improves digestion and also helps in improving absorption and assimilation of nutrients from the food. It also promotes mucus secretion thus providing protection against ulcers.

    Ginger can be consumed by chewing a small piece of it or boiling it in water and drinking. Alternatively, ginger can be mixed with jaggery and sucked for quick relief from acidity.


    cinnamon sticks

    Cinnamon aka Dalchini acts as a natural antacid and also helps with flatulence. It is overall excellent for digestive system as well.

    Boil a teaspoon of dalchini in a cup of water and drink the solution three times a day. Alternately, you can use cinnamon in the form of soups or sprinkled over salad to treat acidity.


    Amla aka Indian Gooseberry

    Amla is not only used to treat acidity but it is also a source of vitamin C which helps in healing the stomach mucosa and esophagus lining.
    It can be consumed in the form of a powder that is readily available.



    Jaggery augments digestion. It itself becomes alkaline while in the gut, thereby directly dealing with acid.

    A small piece of jaggery can be sucked after the meals to cope with the after food acidity.

    However, since jaggery is sugar rich, it must not be used by the diabetics.

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