16 Tips to Get Rid of Bad Breath at Home

Ever suffered from bad breath? Bad breath can prove to be a total killer. It will embarrass you in front of people, give you bad reputation at work and make relationships difficult.

Bad breath is also called halitosis. There can be several reasons responsible for bad breath, including smoking, gum diseases, eating food with strong odor, dry mouth, sinus problems or a medical condition. The chief reason, though, is the bacterial growth in between the teeth and over the back of the tongue.

Here are some tips that would help you get rid of bad breath:

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1. Maintain oral hygiene: It is essential that you brush your teeth daily twice a day. Also, it is important to floss daily, as brushing isn’t sufficient to get rid of bacteria and food particles stuck between the teeth and gum line. Not only it would quick get rid of halitosis, it would also prevent periodontal diseases which can worsen the bad breath. It is also required that you clean your tongue each time, scrape or brush.

2. Drink a lot of water: Water is as such essential for overall health. Drinking often would remove bad breath too. Also, at the end of meals rinsing mouth with water for 10-20 seconds would remove or loosen some of the food particles stuck between teeth.

3. Remove the dentures: If you’re using dentures, then you may want to remove them before you go to bed. Always clean them as soon as you remove them and let them be off your mouth till morning.

4. Don’t let your mouth get dry: Dry mouth can lead to halitosis. Salivation on the other hand keeps the mouth clean, fights bacteria and removes food particles. To enhance salivation you can suck on sugar-free mints.

5. Avoid foods with strong odor: Food items like onion and garlic, fishes like anchovies and seaweed can lead to bad breath. Avoid them if you’ve halitosis.

6. Fennel: Fennel is a brilliant mouth freshener giving your mouth a break from the bad odor. Fennel seeds are also said to have antimicrobial properties and thus fights the bacterial growth in your mouth. You can use fennel seeds either by directly chewing them or taking in the form of fennel tea.

7. Cinnamon: Cinnamon is another excellent option to get rid of halitosis at home. It contains a compound called Cinnamaldehyde which helps in bad breath by getting rid of the odor and also fighting the bacteria. Cinnamon can be used by boiling a teaspoon cinnamon powder in a cup of water. In the solution obtained you can add cardamom or bay leaves too. Next, strain it well and use as for rinsing the mouth.

8. Fenugreek: In case of Catarrhal infections fenugreek tea is quite effective. To use you should boil a spoonful of seeds in a single cup of water. Strain the solution. You can drink the tea once each day for best results.

Cloves9. Cloves: Cloves also helps in halitosis by getting rid of the odor and fighting bacterial growth. For best results you can chew a few clove pieces. Other method would be to make a tea by boiling in water which can be used to drink or rinse the mouth.

10. Baking Soda: Baking soda also acts by maintaining the oral pH. It also has some antibacterial action. Mix half a spoon of baking soda in a glass of water. Use the solution to rinse your mouth daily. You can also use baking soda to brush your teeth.

11. Lemon Juice: Lemon is another effective method of curing halitosis. Its strong fragrance masks the bad odor. Also the citric acid has an anti-bacterial action too. Lemon juice also helps in getting rid of dry mouth, which is another cause of bad breath. You can add the lemon juice in water and use it for rinsing or drinking. You may also add a little salt to it and drink.
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apple cider vinegar12. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has a pH buffering action. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in water and drink before meals. You may also gargle with the solution. Besides fighting bad breath it also helps in digestion.

13. Parsley: The chlorophyll in Parsley can help get rid of bad breath. You can munch on parsley sprig for a refreshed breath. They can also be dipped in vinegar before chewing for added advantage. Or, you can make a juice of them and use as per your need.

14. Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil has antimicrobial action, thus helps in getting rid of bad breath. Tea tree oil can be used in toothpastes. Or, you may simply pour few oil drops and the brush and use it with your toothpaste. Alternately it can be added with lemon juice and peppermint oil and used as a mouthwash with water.

15. Cheese: Cheese can also fight plaque and halitosis. You may want to use low-fat cheese for a bad breath.

16. Fresh vegetables: Fresh vegetables helps fight plaque, thus keeping the bad breath away.