How to get beard style like Tony Stark aka Iron Man

    In the comics world, Iron Man is one of the most recognizable superhero. Also known as Tony Stark, Hollywood actor Robert Downey Jr. portrayed the role of Iron Man very well and justified the character. The actor’s name became familiar in 2008 when the first Iron Man movie hit the theatres. Despite the actor’s acting skills, the other thing that grabbed all the men’s attention throughout the world was his facial hairstyle. Although the actor had carried different beard styles, the Iron man facial hairstyle came in highlight and encouraged youngsters to have one.

    Better known as his amend ego, Iron Man, this cosmic character first trademarked his beard style as a part of his signature look in the comic world. Captain America may have a shield, Spiderman may have his mask, but Iron Man has his beard, which has proved to be the coolest. Many of you may not be aware that the beard style was such an essential part of getting into the actor’s character (Robert Downey Jr.) that he styled the beard himself while on the set. Though Iron Man can have superhero skills but the actor has his epic beard style.

    If you want to achieve the heroic look of Iron Man, you need to know everything about trimming, maintaining, and shaping the facial hairstyle of Tony Stark. Let us learn the step by step guide and tools which you will need.

    How to Style the Iron Man Beard?

    When you want to mimic the Tony Stark beard style for an event or a party or change your present beard style, whatever the reason may be: but if you want a beard like Iron Man’s, there are specific key points you need to keep in mind.

    First of all, you need to keep a lot of patience; no beard style will pop out in a day. To get a beard style like Tony Stark, you will need a full beard, some skills with a razor, and of course, a lot more patience. Also, the thing that makes the facial hairstyle so distinctive is the clean and fine lines, so you need to ensure that you have all the necessary tools.

    Moreover, the Iron Man facial hair is more characterized by an anchor beard and a thin mustache, which is hardly disconnected from a goatee’s flanks. So, you will need to keep your beard relatively short to get a beard like Tony Stark’s.

    Tools You Need to Get the Iron Man’s Facial Hair Style:

    • Beard scissors
    • Electric beard trimmer
    • Beard comb
    • Beard balm

    How to get beard style like Tony Stark aka Iron Man 3

    barber trimming beard

    How to Get Iron Man Beard:

    As mentioned above, first, you will need to grow a full beard style to trim your long beard style according to Iron Man’s facial hair. Follow the below steps to replicate the beard style just like the superhero-


    Wash your facial hair using a good quality beard shampoo to soften the facial hair and prepare it for trimming and shaping. Now, dry your beard and face entirely, as this will help your facial hair trimming and shaping much more comfortable.


    Use a beard comb, and comb your long facial share downward to remove any tangles. Now, search outwards against the grains to lint it as much as possible. This will make your facial hair easy to trim.

    Trim with beard scissors

    When you have a long beard, you will need beard scissors to trim your beard’s length. While if you are having trouble growing a full beard, try using good quality beard oil to get healthy and thick facial hair.

    Use an electric trimmer

    Using an electric trimmer, shorten the length of your facial hair. Your trimmer setting will depend on the type of your existing facial hair and how fast it grows. However, in general, the considered right length ranges between 5 to 7 mm. you need to remember to start with a more extended setting and trim it closer as needed. Also, you will have to choose a good quality beard trimmer.

    Shape the goatee

    While shaping the facial hair, make sure you have a photo of Tony Stark because shaping the beard in goatee style might be the trickiest part. And to make your goatee shaping easier, you can use a brow pencil to outline. The actor’s beard is a relatively thin goatee with thin flanks on either side that extends upwards and touches the mustache.

    To achieve the perfect shape, use a beard shaping tool to track where the goatee should end by starting at the mustache’s corners and drawing outlines towards the chin. Next, shave away any hair beyond the line and protect the thin line on either side.

    Next, you will need to engrave the inside of the goatee while retaining the center’s hourglass shape. To achieve this, start in the middle of the diamond shape just below where your soul patch may end. Using an electric trimmer, shave in a downward and outward diagonal motion until you reach your jawline. But be careful not to shave the thin flanks on either side of your goatee. The goatee’s bottom is skinny, so you will have to shave in fine and even strokes for a unique and symmetrical look.

    Shape the mustache

    The Iron Man’s mustache is skinny, which extends down slightly like a handlebar mustache. To mimic the mustache, you will need to trim down a few mm from the bottom of the nose and continue to shape the edges till it curves downwards.

    However, the last step is to provide a final touch-up for everything. If your jawline below is full, you need to use a trimmer to shave it down to give it a nice look.

    At this stage, you can also use some adequate trimming tools to make a slight detach between the mustache and the flanks of the goatee to mimic Tony Stark’s framing. Also, take a closer look at Iron Man’s facial hair step by step for one last time. These steps include checking up the chin, lips, neck, cheeks, and sideburns. If any of these things do not look similar to the actor’s style, try to match it up.

    The Iron Man facial hairstyle is a classy and stylish one, and at the same time, it is easy to maintain. The other beard styles carried by the actor give you an elegant look, but these facial hairs can also accompany your hairstyles. Another advantage of Tony Stark’s beard style is that it is not restricted to a particular age group; guys from any age group can try out the look.


    Trying something different beard styles is most men’s preference; mostly, it is more common in youngsters. And actors who carry different facial hair styles become the inspiration of these youngsters. Tony Stark, aka Robert Downey Jr., is among those Hollywood actors who are the inspiration of millions. People have seen him exhibiting different beard styles in movies and events. But among all the facial hairstyles, the Iron Man facial hair is the most praised one. You can also mimic the actor’s different beard styles when you are done with the Iron Man facial hairstyle.

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