How To Choose The Right Face Cleanser For Your Skin Type

    Good skin starts with a good cleansing. Be clear about it. One of the essential steps to maintain a clean face, free of pimples and blackheads, is facial cleansing. Including this little habit in your daily grooming routine, you will be able to remove excess oil, dirt, and impurities to keep your skin clean and always show the best of your face.

    Once you are clear that going to sleep with makeup on your face and putting on makeup without having washed and hydrated your skin, are two blunders that you cannot make, it is time to focus on doing a proper cleaning of your skin.

    Although finding the perfect cleaner is not an easy task. If you have to choose between micellar waters, gels, creams, and foam cleansers, then there is the fact that some dry out the skin, others leave it greasy, or there are even those that irritate it. But why is it? Maybe you are not using the right one for your skin type. So how do you know which face cleanser will work for you? We solve your doubts.

    How to Determine your skin type?

    Taking the time to learn your skin’s specific needs will help you to choose the right skincare products that will balance skin resulting in a healthier, more radiant complexion. Here are two easy methods to determine your skin type at home:


    Cleanse your face thoroughly with a mild face cleanser and gently pat dry. Do not apply any additional serums or moisturizers to the skin. After 30 minutes, examine your t-zone (nose and forehead), chin, and cheeks, for any shine. After another 30 minutes, evaluate whether your skin feels withered. If your skin feels tight, it is likely to be dry. If there is a noticeable shine on your t-zone, your skin is normal/combination. If there is shine on your cheeks in addition to your t-zone, you most likely have oily skin.


    This method is a much faster and most common way of determining your skin type. Gently dab a blotting paper on different areas of your face. Hold the sheet up to the light. If you see little to no oil on the paper, you have a dry skin type. If the blotting sheet reveals oil from your t-zone area, you have normal/combination skin. Finally, if the blotting paper is full of oil, you likely have oily skin.

    The Ideal Face Cleanser for Different Skin Types

    To know which face cleanser to use, you must look at your skin type and choose the most appropriate one. Here are some recommendations that will adapt to your face in the best possible way, whether your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive.

    Facial Cleanser for Dry Skin

    Mature skin is often dehydrated and lackluster therefore, the last thing it needs is a harsh cleanser to dry it out. Look for active ingredients that reinforce the protective barrier. As dry skin lacks lipids and has difficulty retaining moisture, it is important to look for face cleansers that provide intense hydration. Go for a calming cream cleanser enriched with natural oils and bio-actives that nourish the skin and make the cleansing process feel like a pampering ritual. Recommendations: LAMAV Hydra-Calm Cream Cleanser.

    Facial Cleanser for Oily and Combination Skin

    Oily skin is the most difficult to treat, as excess sebum production leaves pores clogged and inflamed. But that does not mean you have to remove every last drop of sebum from its surface. For these problems, it’s best to look for an organic foaming cleanser that does not contain SLS or SLES because both are suspected to irritate and dehydrate the skin. Recommendations: LAMAV Sweet Orange Balancing Cleanser.

    Facial Cleanser for Normal Skin

    When it comes to choosing a face cleanser for normal skin, there are no strict rules. You can use any hydrating facial cleanser that maintains the balance regardless of its texture/formula.

    Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin, Prone to Redness

    Redness or irritation are the most common problems with sensitive skin. Sensitive skin tends to become easily irritated and special care must also be taken when cleaning. The best option is to use very mild products, which preserve their natural balance without causing inflammation. Avoid face cleansers with fragrances and acids. Both can irritate and trigger an allergic reaction on the skin.

    The best options for sensitive skin types are calming cream cleansers, cleansing balms, oil cleansers, or micellar waters because they provide essential fatty acids and important nutrients to replenish the skin. Recommendations: LAMAV Marula Oil Cleanser

    The Most Common Facial Cleansing Mistakes to Avoid

    There are a series of errors related to facial cleansing that is also good to remember and avoid. Some of the most common mistakes are:

    1. The use of wipes. We cannot consider them as face cleansers. They are solutions for specific moments, but they do not clean the face in-depth, so we cannot make them our daily cleanser.
    2. Using cleansers instead of makeup removers when wearing SPF and makeup. A cleaner will not remove debris properly, so we recommend double-cleansing.
    3. Using astringent products in case of combination or oily skin, as they remove lipids from the skin.
    4. Drying the skin roughly or doing it with a dirty towel. We must do it with touches and use a specific towel for the face.
    5. Forget about the tonic. Its use is optional, but on sensitive skin, it is essential to balance them after cleansing. And in oily skin, they come handy as they are sebum-regulating.

    Choose the right face cleansers and make your skin happy and healthy!

    Thomas Willson
    Thomas Willson
    Thomas Willson is a digital marketer at LAMAV Organic Skin Science – World’s first Certified Organic Skincare brand. With a vision to empower you to make informed, holistic choices when it comes to your skin, health and wellbeing— “No woman has to sacrifice her health for beauty.”

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