How to Deal With Sexual Misconduct Accusers Who Have Falsely Accused Before

    Going through the turmoil of dealing with a false accusation of sexual misconduct is traumatic enough but if the nightmare repeats itself and you find the same person makes another subsequent claim at a later date, that takes things to a whole new level.

    Mounting a successful sex crimes defense requires the right legal representation and it can often help to have that sort of professional guidance when accusations are made more than once.

    Here are some tips on how to deal with this sort of scenario in the best way possible.

    No time to waste

    The first thing to say is that as soon as you get even an inkling that you are about to be investigated again for an allegation of sexual misconduct it is advisable to anticipate this situation and take action immediately to start defending yourself.

    The sad truth is that even when you are perfectly clear in your own mind that you have done nothing wrong and the accusation has no basis or truth, the onus is often still on you to prove your innocence.

    As you will have discovered from a previous situation if someone is making fresh allegations, simply giving the police your version of events and attempting to clear everything up swiftly is not something that is going to make the situation go away.

    Defending yourself is never as straightforward as you would want it to be and that is why it is imperative that you get on the front foot and speak to your lawyer as quickly as possible.

    At arm’s length

    Another very valid reason why you want to speak to a sex crimes lawyer as a matter of urgency is that it is rarely a good idea to speak directly to the police, even when you are completely certain of all of the facts.

    Whether it is the first time you have been accused of sexual misconduct or the same accuser has made fresh allegations, the rules of engagement remain the same.

    Do not speak to the law without having your attorney present and without briefing them fully beforehand.

    Know your rights

    Even when you have been through the trauma of fending off a previous accusation of sexual misconduct it is often the way that no two cases are the same, even if the circumstances are almost identical.

    Using a lawyer with experience in sex crimes is a smart move as they will be able to confirm what your rights are and go through all of your notes about the alleged incident so that you can mount a defense that covers all of the salient facts.

    There are a number of potential avenues of investigation that may be pursued and these can include things such as psychological evaluation and scientific tests.

    Having the right representation and knowing how you will fight off the accusations may well put you in a better position and give you more confidence that you can fend off the allegations and put the nightmare behind you as quickly as possible.

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