How to look fresh for the office – every morning

    Each working day begins with a small panic. How to dress, what hairstyle and makeup to wear? You have concerns about being puffy or bloated. Your skin is dull, and you have minus zero energy. How do some people get up and come to work looking so perfect, fresh, and energized? They most likely are just a tad bit more organized. Here are the tips to include in your day to look naturally fresh at work.

    Get to bed on time

    You already know this one – you need your beauty sleep! Sleep will not only recuperate your body but also will rejuvenate your cells and send the toxins from all over your body out of it. To be efficient, your body needs its time. It is hard work, and it needs concentration! Don’t deprive yourself of sleep, and your body will express gratitude.

    Hydrate and eat healthy

    As much as rest, you need your fuel to be active all day. As the human body consists mostly of water, we need to replenish it during the day. The measure is two litres or more, depending on your weight, activity, and diet. When it comes to your diet, we can never have enough veggies, veggies, and more veggies! A balanced diet is not the same for everyone, so consult with your doctor. Furthermore, consider taking additional supplements for a daily intake of all necessary micro and macro-nutrients.

    Body routine

    Shower every day, brush your teeth, even twice a day if there is a necessity. Use a body lotion always, after a shower to keep your skin shiny and moisturized, use a deodorant body odour. A carefully selected perfume can make your freshness last throughout the day. The chosen perfume needs to be tested on your skin as human skin reacts differently to every oil. Do not forget about your hands and feet – they also need to be moisturized properly.

    Face routine

    Clean and moisturized is what matters for the body and face equally! Twice a day, try to use a gentle face cleanser and face cream which matches your face type – dry, oily, combination, or sensitive. For a few pimples, try Salicylic Acid serums, and for more severe issues, please go to the specialist.

    A bit of spice

    All of these are fine to look fresh, but many do prefer a makeup upgrade. For the naturally fresh, try not to go overboard – tinted moisturizer with SPF, mascara, some bronzer, or blush, and you’re covered. Part of your face which makes a lasting impression is your brows. Since we do want to look effortless, there is a way to go without spending time on brows. Try brow lamination, a brow perm. It is a semi-permanent lift that makes your brows look professionally groomed 24/7 for more than a month – a bargain for your time and looks!

    Refresh during the day if needed

    While hustling, it is usual to need a refreshment every few hours. Wash and moisturize your hands often, have a change of pads or tampons. Deodorant and perfume need to be reused during the day, depending on your activities. Do not forget to put SPF on if you are changing locations, and refresh with a face spray of your choice. Bonus tip: have a mouth refreshment with yourself on every occasion – every personal contact is significant.

    Fitting clothes

    A successful meeting depends on your outfit. Garments that fit properly, selected to match you and the company you represent have a major role in your impression of other partners and colleagues. You need to feel good and comfortable all day long, so don’t choose solely on the desired look. For a business look, go for more fitted clothes made from comfortable materials, whereas for a more casual look, do not be afraid to experiment, though never for the price of feeling bad in your outfit for the day.

    Choose your colours

    Your skin undertone, hair, and eye colour have a connecting colour type according to a seasonal colour analysis – Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter with two subtypes each. Types have separate colour palettes made to match every skin tone, hair, and eye colour. The goal of the analysis is to find a palette that makes your beautiful natural features stand out anytime. It is applied so that you won’t notice subtle discolouration, under-eye bags, or a minor pimple. These colours elevate your look no matter its formality.

    Finally, all of these are impossible if you don’t take the time to relax – whether it is a hobby or a passion that you have, friends gathering, or a solo trip. Never forget that you need to take care of yourself first. 

    Alison Pearson
    Alison Pearson
    Alison Pearson is an interior design student. She is a writer and designer, but her ultimate passion is fashion and beauty. She is also a bibliophile and her favourite book is "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner.

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