8 Dos and Don’ts for Wearing a Retainer

    People of all ages wear retainers. They are often worn after a person’s teeth have been treated with braces. Retainers help to keep the teeth in their new positions so they do not shift and come out of alignment. No matter the reason a person is wearing a retainer, there are some dos and don’ts they should remember.

    What Should You Do When Wearing Retainers?

    Making sure patients know what they can do when wearing retainers is essential. The following are some things everyone should do when they are wearing a retainer. In addition to the following, it is important to see an Orthodontist Near Me for checkups.

    · Individuals need to wear their retainers as directed by their orthodontist. Some people may need to wear their retainer all day, while others may only need to wear it while they sleep. Following instructions will keep the teeth in position.

    · A person should always remove their retainer while they eat. Eating can cause damage to the retainer that requires repairs.

    · When individuals remove their retainer, they should rinse it carefully and dry it thoroughly before storing it. The retainer needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure bacteria growth does not begin occurring.

    · Individuals also need to make sure they bring their retainer with them to each orthodontist visit. The orthodontist or dentist will need to inspect the retainer and check to ensure it still offers a good fit.

    Following the instructions of your orthodontist is of extreme importance. Varying from the instructions could lead to problems with teeth shifting from their new positions.

    What Should You Not Do When Wearing Retainers?

    Just as it is important to know what to do while wearing retainers, you also need to know what to avoid. The following should be avoided at all times while wearing a retainer or storing it.

    · Never keep a retainer on a nightstand or wrapped in a tissue. Doing so causes the retainer to dry out and become brittle which can lead to damage. If wrapped in a napkin or tissue, it is also easy to forget and throw the retainer away.

    · Individuals should never chew gum or sticky candies while wearing their retainers. Even gummy candies can cause damage and should be avoided at all times.

    · It is important a person never tries to boil their retainer or clean it with sanitizer or alcohol. Doing these things can cause great damage to the retainer, leading to it needing to be replaced.

    · Finally, individuals should also avoid skipping days or nights. It is important the retainer is worn every single day. Forgetting to put it on will eventually lead to tooth shifting.

    Caring for a Retainer Is Essential

    Caring for a retainer keeps it working properly and protects its lifespan. It is important individuals clean their retainer as directed and store it in its proper case. If any damages occur, these should be reported to the dentist or orthodontist right away so they can be repaired.


    Knowing the dos and don’ts of wearing retainers is essential for ensuring they keep the teeth in their proper position. Wearing a retainer as directed by your dentist or orthodontist will help to ensure all the work that was done through braces is not undone, due to shifting. Your orthodontist will offer you information on your treatment plan and how long you will need to wear a retainer each night.

    Dr. Kishor Kumar
    Dr. Kishor Kumar
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