Top 5 Parameters for Choosing the Best Plastic Surgeon

    “Surgeons that are American Board-certified are uniquely qualified and specially trained in the field of plastic surgery!”

    • Are you worried about selecting the right plastic surgeon who could help meet the desired goal?
    • What do you need to know while choosing the best plastic surgeon?
    • Do you know by what criteria a plastic surgeon is chosen?
    • Do you know the importance of referrals, results, and feedback for selecting the right plastic surgeon?

    Having cosmetic plastic surgery or reconstructive surgery requires research, planning, analysis, and decisive tasks. Choosing the plastic surgeon is one aspect. It is an educative task involving research, one-on-one discussion with the surgeon, collecting patient results, and after-and-before photographs. And so, pre-procedure planning is mandatory for plastic surgery. And choosing the best plastic surgeon is entirely a research-based task that makes us aware of the surgeon’s qualification, expertise, experience, and aesthetic sense.

    Choosing the best plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills, CA, Las Vegas, NV, and Dubai, UAE comes on the top Google search. These destinations have a top-ranked position in providing the best facilities of plastic surgery procedures that adhere to the standard protocols and safety measures. And some of the American board-certified plastic surgeons have set the criteria to choose the surgeon, which are all available on their websites or article portals. However, reading articles and web surfing have a crucial role in finding the best plastic surgeons.

    How to Select the Best Plastic Surgeon?

    Following Parameters should be considered on the part of the patients: –

    1. The plastic surgeon should be American board-certified. 

    Board certification is one of the prime vital factors for choosing the right plastic surgeon. A surgeon who is American board-certified weighs the credentials in the fraternity by their remarkable contribution in the field with delivering the most successful, result-driven, and aesthetically pleasing effect. Typically, board-certified plastic surgeons have a lower complication rate due to their advanced expertise in the field with in-depth knowledge, experience, and breakthrough interventions for specific surgical procedures according to their specialization.

    To become certified by the ABPS, plastic surgeons must:

    • The surgeon must have a degree from an accredited medical school
    • Three years of general surgery experience is required.
    • Two-three years of a residency program in the field of plastic surgery is considered.
    • Have at least two years of professional practice following residency.
    • Pass various oral and written exams administered by the ABPS.
    • The surgery must be performed at an accredited hospital.

    An ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) surgeon must operate in an accredited hospital when any significant anesthesia is used in the surgical procedure. The surgical rooms must meet the stringent protocols for safety and hygiene. In addition, there must be a strict protocol for cleanliness measures, personnel, and room safety. To receive and maintain accreditation, the clinical facilities must adhere to various standards established by state and federal guidelines.

    • Your chosen surgeon must ask multiple questions regarding your concern.

    One of the best and easy things to know about surgeons’ excellence in performing the surgery is the nature of asking questions to their patients. They ask many questions to their patient as experienced as they are. A clear idea about a case clears the things associated with the surgery. It helps to employ the correct technique to perform the surgery. Your surgeon should be vocal about your problem and give you clarification about your issue. However, you rest assured about the things and so schedule your procedure hassle-free.

    To know the surgeon’s proficiency, you may ask the following questions as well: –

    1. How many years of experience do you have?
    2. How many times have you performed this specific surgery?
    3. Will anyone else be assisting with the procedure? If so, what training and how long experience do they have?
    4. What specific technique will be used?
    5. Who will administer and monitor any significant anesthesia?
    6. What advanced measures will be followed in case of an emergency?
    7. What results can I expect?
    8. What kind of complications may occur with this specific procedure? If so, what measures will be employed to avoid discrepancies?
    9. Do you do revision cases?
    • Crosscheck before and after Photographs.

    You must ask your surgeon about the photographs of past patients with the same concern and surgical experience. Review of after and before pictures help to analyze the surgeon’s expertise. Seeing the results of the same case and the exact age of the patients will give you insight into the surgeon’s work. Check at least 5-7 sets of photographs of the same surgical case. It helps explain the surgeon’s artistic skills and proficiency in dealing with the specific plastic surgery procedure.

    • The active membership of the surgeon.

    The chosen surgeon must have active membership in some of the reputed and leading plastic surgery societies, such as ISAPS. ASPS, ASBPS, etcetera. The plastic surgery fraternity’s active membership and contribution towards the breakthrough intervention weigh the surgeon’s credentials concerning aesthetic skills, surgical precision, and excellence in delivering quality results.


    Overall, we can say that choosing the right plastic surgeon is a research-based task that requires a close analysis on the part of the patient. Finding the best plastic surgeon assures you that the quality result matches your expectations and realistic goal. However, it is always advisable to do some research and meet in person with your surgeon to schedule your consultation with the right plastic surgeon at the right time.

    Dr. J Timothy Katzen
    Dr. J Timothy Katzen
    Dr. J. Timothy Katzen is an award-winning board-certified plastic surgeon internationally renowned for his trademark 360 circumferential body lift technique. Specializing in treatments for the body, breast, face, and skin, Dr. Katzen offers a range of specially tailored procedures to suit each patient's unique situation. Dr. Katzen is especially sought out for his work with lower body lifts (employing his 360 circumferential body lift technique), arm lifts, thigh lifts, tummy tucks, and high-definition liposuction using high-definition VASER. He also frequently performs breast augmentations, breast lifts and provides a range of nonsurgical treatments at his offices in Beverly Hills, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. After weight loss surgery techniques, Dr. Katzen has achieved international fame, which involves excising unwanted skin to contour the body and create a trimmer, tauter shape. Due to his high level of skill and respect, he has been featured on many television programs documenting patients' journeys with skin removal surgery following tremendous weight loss.   

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