Why You Should Buy Cruelty Free Cosmetics

    For many years, beauty companies have used animals as testing subjects for their products. Fortunately, this is becoming a thing of the past with many different companies. You should always make sure that you purchase cruelty-free cosmetics for many different reasons.

    Cruelty-Free Equals Healthier

    Cruelty-free products are made without those bad chemicals that can cause problems. There are many products out there that contain dyes, sulfates, and parabens. These are harmful to your skin and can cause a variety of health issues. Cleaner cosmetics are very good for your skin. They will help to curb inflammation, allergies, and breakouts. Those companies that avoid hurting animals, also want to avoid hurting your skin.

    Mindful Beauty Practices

    When you switch to cruelty-free products like Lanolin lip balms, you will make more mindful decisions with your entire beauty routine. You will learn to only spend money on products that are truly safe for your skin. You will never have an overloaded bathroom drawer again, as you will have these limited options.

    Avoiding Animal Testing

    Some people live under the misconception that companies that use animal testing only do so with mice. Sadly, this is not true. Many companies use dogs, cats, and rabbits in their product testing. They test chemicals that we would never put on ourselves or our pets. These animals are kept in small cages, and many end up killed. If they do survive, they may be blinded or maimed.

    There have been many stories that have come out about the abuse animals have suffered at the hands of the cosmetic industry. Different products, including harsh chemicals, are put on the animal to see how they react. If you want to learn more about this, you can find articles and videos that describe the horrors that these animals go through. These videos and articles will help you to learn that you should switch to cruelty-free options as soon as possible.

    You Get To Create Change

    When you stop purchasing your usual beauty products and switch to cruelty-free options, you are letting manufacturers know that animal testing is wrong. If you start to encourage other people to go cruelty-free with their beauty products, cruelty-free will become the standard. Many brands do not do testing. In addition to purchasing from these companies, you can spread the word about them. Encourage all of your friends and family to go cruelty-free.

    Saving Money

    When it comes to cosmetics, there are many out there that are ridiculously priced. These products can seriously hamper your beauty budget. Fortunately, many cruelty-free companies will not break your wallet. Just make sure that you do some shopping around and ensure that they are cruelty-free before purchasing.

    Animal Testing Is Not Necessary

    Testing on animals is not necessary. There are over 7,000 cosmetic ingredients out there that have already proven to be safe. When a company does test on animals these days, it is to test a completely new product which can be done without animal testing. Technology has created humane options for product testing that does not require animals. With technology ever-evolving, it does not make sense to test products on animals. If a company is still using animal testing, it should be avoided.

    Finding Cruelty Free Options

    Thankfully, many different brands are now cruelty-free. To find the best options, look for the cruelty-free label on their products. You can also research the company from your phone or computer. You will want to take the time to ensure that every beauty choice you make is 100 percent cruelty-free. There are some companies out there that may claim to be, but if you cannot verify it, do not purchase from that company.


    Getting away from animal testing is imperative not only to help save animals but to help save your health as well. There are many countries all around the world that have banned animal testing. Countries like New Zealand, South Korea, India, the European Union, and more have banned this barbaric practice. Consider banning any animal-tested products from your home and switch to cruelty-free today. You can easily find all of your beauty options, including moisturizer, cleanser, foundation, mascara, eyeshadow, face masks, and more that are created without animal testing.

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