10 Ways to Visually Enlarge the Height of the Ceiling

    Find out how to make the rooms in your home appear bigger! 

    High сeiling is attractive as it gives the sensation of a bigger space! However,  the average and most common height that you will find in houses across America is about eight feet. But did you know that there are ways to visually enrage the height of the сeiling? If you are curious to know more about it, you came to the right place!

    We know that people don’t pay too much attention to houses in the movies. But if after reading this text you decide to do it, after all, you will notice that most of the modern and expensive houses come with rooms with high сeiling.  You will get the same impression by going through interior design magazines. 

    Apart from that, if you talk with real estate agents, they will also tell you that most people prefer buying a house that offers anything above the standard eight-foot ceiling, even if they come at a higher price and cost of heating. What is the reason for this phenomenon?   Believe it or not, there is more to that than one simple reason. 

    Okay, first of all, there is a sensation of bigger space! Rooms with a low сeiling can seem small and even a bit claustrophobic. But the fact is that we also prefer the high сeiling because we associate it with grandiose properties from a certain period, such an example is the Georgian era.

    But there is one more reason that you probably would never think about!  Research conducted in recent years shows that we prefer high сeiling because we associate it with freedom. Apart from that, neuroimaging shows that сeiling height affects our desire to explore space! 

    However, we already mentioned that houses with high-ceiling designs tend to be much more expensive, and some people can dream of buying a book of ra in an online shop. Besides, that rooms with high сeiling can be cold and costly to heat.  You also might find that it can be challenging to control sound and light. Painting can also require a lot of hard work and money. Low and moderate ceilings, on another hand, can be warmer and more intimate.  Apart from everything else, no one can deny that it is much easier to change the light bulb when the сeiling is lower. 

    As we said, not everyone can have a higher сeiling in their home.  Above all, if we inherited the house,  or moved in before we are even new about these differences,  we can’t say that we had a choice for the ceiling! But, there is no reason to despair, as there are plenty of ways to visually enlarge the height of the сeiling. In this text, we will talk about some of the common сeiling types and ways to make them seem higher.

    Usual Сeiling Types 

    Conventional Сeiling 

    It is the type of сeiling that you can find in most homes all over the world. It usually comes with a type of dry wood finish and is made of low-cost materials. These ceilings are generally flat and about eight to nine feet high. They are super simple to install, too. 

    Suspended Сeiling 

    Suspended, aka dropped сeiling usually hangs from a metal grid below the сeiling which is already In place.  You can usually find this type in offices, commercial buildings, etc. because they give the designer the possibility to be incredibly flexible in his ideas.  They are usually flat and offer the possibility to install concealed сeiling lights and other fixtures. 

    Coffered Сeiling 

    This type is often found in high-end homes, but also libraries and other public buildings.  They are of course more expensive than conventional ceilings and need to be installed by professionals.  You can easily recognize them by their grid of inverted panels. 

    Cathedral Сeiling 

    The first thing that comes to your mind is “why are we talking about a сeiling in a cathedral?”. The thing is that you can find this type of сeiling which is also known as vaulted, in many living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.  They are known for the inverted V shape, where the tip of the V is the highest point and the sides slope down. 

    Tricks to Make the Сeiling Higher 

    Choose Light Colors for the Сeiling 

    This should go without saying because bright colors always make the space bigger. We recommend a white ceiling.  Ideally, you should paint the walls the same color as the ceiling. That way, it is challenging to determine the сeiling borders, which will make everyone think that the space is bigger than it is. 

    Think About the Stripes

    Whatever is the сeiling color, think about painting vertical stripes on the walls.  Stripes give the illusion of height because they make you look up. If you are not sure about whether you want to paint them, you can try to find striped wallpaper. 

    Use a Big Mirror

    The trick to make a small look bigger is to bring in an object that brightens the room and creates the sensation of openness. Tall mirrors which can be placed on the floor, or hung to cover a large area, that can contribute to this effect. The mirror will reflect the light and the view of the сeiling which will automatically make the room seem bigger. 

    Install Tall Windows 

    Windows that go from floor to сeiling are becoming the most popular option, and you can see them in many modern homes.  They bring plenty of daylight to your rooms, which makes them look more spacious.  The simplest is to install them when the roof is flat, but they work well with other types, too.  This is, besides choosing the right сeiling paint, the most critical when you want the сeiling to look higher. 

    Install Floor to Сeiling Bookshelves

    They function practically the same way as floor-to-сeiling drapes because they make you look upwards. The best is to place them at the end of the room. That way the shelf is the first thing you see when you enter, and it will distract you from the actual height of the ceiling.

    Scale Down on Furniture 

    Do you know how big and bulky furniture makes the room seem smaller than it is? Well, it is the same in this case. If you have tall furniture, it will draw attention to the fact that your сeiling is the law. However, if you opt for furniture that sits lower to the ground you will be under the impression that there is much more space over your head. 

    Get Rid of Overhead Lights

    This type of lightning or сeiling fan will draw your attention to the ceiling. Plus, if you have the feeling like you are going to bump your head each time you go under, that is a red flag for a low ceiling.  Using lamps instead can help you avoid this situation. 

    Use vertical Artwork

    It is another thing you can do to make the low сeiling appear higher. Same as other things, vertical artwork will attract you to look upwards. If the rug and the background behind the picture are the same color, your eyes will directly go to the room and the top of the wall.

    Use Tall Drapes With Pattern

    Of course, you can always choose not to have drapes. But if you like them, then you should go for floor-to-сeiling drapes with patterns. Same as the tall windows and bookshelves, they will make you look up the moment you notice them. The absence of competing patterns contributes to the effect. 

    Think About Installing Skylights 

    If it is possible, and you can afford it, we recommend installing skylights. It is always a good option because they bring plenty of daylight in the room as it is.  They are particularly useful when you don’t have space for tall windows or when you have a low ceiling. Keep in mind that there are plenty of designs so you can easily find something that you like.

    Bottom Line 

    These are our ideas for making the low сeiling appear higher!  As we already mentioned, everyone is attracted by the idea of having a high сeiling not only because the rooms look bigger, but also because they look brighter.  Fortunately, as you can see, there are plenty of ways to improve the situation regardless of how low your сeiling is, without having to spend a fortune! Have you already tried any of these tips? Do you have some suggestions, too? 

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    Arthur rowley
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