Do you Need an Interior Designer for My House?

    Having recently built your new family home or started some sort of renovations, you will likely be met with the question of getting an interior designer on board. However, with your expenses already piling up, you may be wondering if there’s really a need for the services of this person. After all, you can just figure things out on your own, can’t you? Well, surely, you can try and replicate designs you see on Pinterest to the best of your knowledge, but this may not end up working out. And you don’t want to realize that a tad too late, after already spending a smaller fortune on your design.

    Interior design is about much more than just making a space look pretty. Interior designers are trained experts who help you can get the most out of a space not just aesthetically but also from a functional point of view. While their services may not be essential, you may find that they will save you time, money, and stress throughout the process. Here are a few reasons why you may want to include an interior designer in your renovation budget after all.

    An interior tailored to your lifestyle

    As we just said, in interior design, the focus is not solely on looks. Practicality is just as important and this is one of the reasons why seeking out a professional is worth it. You want to get the most out of your space; you want it to perfectly reflect your lifestyle and fit into it seamlessly. And while you may think that no one knows your lifestyle and needs better than yourself, executing those ideas in practice is not that easy. An interior designer will not start their work blindly. They will first get acquainted with you to figure out what you really need.

    Enhanced communication

    Even if you have ideas of your own, communicating them to your contractor as someone who is not too knowledgeable in the industry can prove to be a challenge. Don’t risk miscommunication as some things may be difficult or expensive to reverse once done. Having a great understanding with your interior designer, on the other hand, will ensure that your wish is clearly communicated to the other professionals involved in the project.

    Getting access to discounts

    A great benefit that not many people think of when considering seeking out an interior designer is their connections. With their trade discounts, you get access to fixtures, furniture, and the like at a much more favorable price. This will allow you to save some money or get more out of your budget, depending on your preference. You can do some math the get an idea of how much of a difference there would be between prices and whether the difference is worth it for you.

    Smarter allocation of your budget

    Some people may associate interior design with lavishness. However, another enviable skill interior designers possess is the ability to allocate resources in a smart way. To put it simply, they know where to spend and where to save for an optimal result within your budget. Your interior may end up looking more upscale thanks to the interior designer’s insight on what items are the most important and should not be compromised on. They know where high quality truly matters and where the cheaper option will suffice just as well. This will ensure the longevity of the elements while not sacrificing aesthetics.

    Steering clear of mistakes

    By far the biggest advantage of employing the services of an interior designer lies in the fact that they simply know their trade better than you. This can help with preventing expensive mistakes along the way. You may not have such an experienced, keen eye as a professional, and signs of error may escape you. You don’t want your entire budget to go towards correcting something that could have been prevented with the help of an interior designer.

    Less stress

    The art of interior design consists of many moving parts, and while the whole process of coming up with a vision and realizing it may seem fun, soon you will see that it’s a complex and time-intensive task. You can try to do everything by yourself, but you may end up getting more stressed than necessary when something doesn’t go as planned and your project experiences a setback. When your wallpaper arrives and it’s the wrong shade or your custom kitchen is installed and you realize an appliance won’t fit, it’s easy to get close to a nervous breakdown. Letting someone else deal with it may be worth the price tag if it will save you some nerves and time.

    When should you go your own way?

    Even considering all of the aforementioned benefits, hiring an interior designer may not be for everyone and for every situation out there. For instance, you may want to skip bringing in an interior designer when you are in a hurry. If you already have your timeline mapped out and need to move in by a certain date, you obviously want everything to be done by that time. Good things take time so naturally, interior design can take a bit longer too, as there may be some waiting time as different materials arrive and bespoke solutions are created. If you cannot afford to wait, skipping may be a better decision.

    Working with an interior designer will naturally involve teamwork and cooperation, too, and if that is not how you like to do things, then getting another person involved can actually end up putting you in a frustrating situation. Perhaps you are endowed with an artistic personality and have your own vision you are not ready to let go. Perhaps you want everything done in one particular way. Or perhaps you have your eyes on some high-quality porcelain tiles already and would regret going for another supplier. Interior designers love to craft experiences for their clients and having some ideas of your own shouldn’t deter you. But if you see no necessity and are good at visualizing what you want, then you may as well skip.

    Whether you are renovating your kitchen or doing a complete living room overhaul, there is no doubt that the services of an interior designer can come in handy. They can save you time and money, so the additional expenses shouldn’t discourage you right off the bat.

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