10 Subtle ways to look sexy for a summer night out

    No matter how full your work schedule is and no matter how stressed you are, summer is the time to loosen up and have some fun.

    Fashion in summer reflects the season with its light, effortless pieces that show off major skin but that doesn’t mean you have to show off every part of your body if you don’t want to.

    Here are some fashion pieces fitted for a summer night out.

    Light white dress

    This is a classic but really, the light white summer dress will never go out of style. Go as short as you want but don’t go for something that is too tight; layer thin gold necklaces and you will have mastered an effortlessly sexy summer look.


    Off the shoulder

    One of this season’s hottest trends, show off your shoulders in an off the shoulder dress or top this summer and show off those clavicle bones.

    Crop top

    If you have been hitting the gym even on those cold winter mornings, then the crop top is the perfect piece to show off those abs of yours. Pair the piece with tight denim jeans or a great midi skirt.

    Side peak

    When it’s lingerie as outerwear that you are into, then show a peak of your black lace bra from the side by pairing it with a simple white sleeveless T shirt with wide arms.

    Summer Night Out

    Lace shorts

    Shorts are a summer staple but rather than going for denim or linen, find a pair of lace shorts — the material is classic and exudes elegance which will help you to channel sexy in a subtle way.

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    Slip dress

    Easy, light and elegant, the slip dress is nevertheless one of the sexiest pieces of dresses you can own with its thin spaghetti straps that can expose your body with one flick of the straps off your shoulder.

    Sheer blouse

    Take the classic silk blouse up a notch by donning a sheer piece so that your lingerie — whether that’s a lace bra or a corset can show through and help you look subtly sexy.


    Backless or showing off the midriff; lace, denim or silk, the playsuit is easy, light and perfect to wear for those hot summer nights.


    More than any of the other colors, metallic shades suggest fun, sexy vibes. Use metallic for your summer looks this season and pair them with your whites for sleek and dramatic looks.

    Lace ups

    Lace ups and caged heels were huge last summer and there won’t be a shortage of these sexy shoes this summer as well. From elaborate caged heels to lace up pumps that go up to your knees, you are sure to find the pair to suit your style.

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    These are some of the ways you can channel sexy vibes this summer. So what are you waiting for? Find your fashion piece and go have the best summer of your life.

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