How they shop? Men vs. Woman


Online shopping has us intrigued all! With the perks including doorstep delivery, easy returns and exchanges and cash on delivery, online shopping is the way of the world today. Another masterstroke? The offers that let you choose from a select number of objects at your home and keep the ones you like. As the focus of online shopping moves towards customized services, it has now become an integral part of both men and women’s online shopping patterns.

We often assume that online shopping for women is more common as compared to online shopping for men and while there may be some specific differences, both the genders are handy and immensely interested when it comes to online shopping! But as they say, men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so are their shopping patterns too! Here are some fun facts about the differences between men’s and women’s online shopping patterns-

1Fashion for women, essentials for men

No this does not mean that the fashion industry only targets women. The statistics show that women are more interested in buying fashion products when it comes to online shopping as compared to men. Men are more inclined to buy music, gadgets or essentials such as watches and shoes.

2If it clicks they buy

Online shopping they say, is much like shopping in a brick and mortar store! Most men buy the first thing that meets their requirements. Whereas, online shopping for women is more extensive. We explore, we compare and then we zero down on that perfect piece! Plus with all that jazz in colors, silhouettes and prints, it takes us more time to find that perfect pick.

3It’s all about the therapy

Online shopping for men is about need. They want, they surf, and they buy. How boring! For us it’s retail therapy. We have to oohh and aahhh on all the right products, because beautiful shoots and wonderful prints were made to be appreciated.

4For one and for all

We are busting the age-old myth here that online shopping for women is about their wardrobe and their wants! It is simply not. When we shop, we shop for everyone. From our kids to our besties, online shopping for us is our way to make you feel special and we do it with sass, sitting comfortable on our couch.

5Women have far more options than men

While the market do seems to be changing, most online portals still target women the most because we have more options when it comes to shopping.

6Smart phone for men, desktops for women

Studies suggest that men are equally interested in shopping from their mobile phones or from the desktops but when it comes to women, we like to look at the big picture. Women prefer to shop from the laptops and desktops.

7Women are particular about the return policies, men are particular about the product description

While buying a product men look for crisp detailed descriptions whereas, women look for return and exchange policies.

8Women shop more during sales

Yes we do because a penny saved is a penny earned! We think of the future while buying products and it pays!