9 Social and Health Hazards of Excessive Smartphones & Tablets use

Are you addicted to your smartphone or tablet?

Social and Health Hazards of Excessive Smartphones & Tablets use

Mostly people would even deny being addicted, nonetheless, the reality is that it’s not only the younger generation but all generations at present getting addicted to newer tech. The phones and tablets have become such an integral part of our life that we’ve even forgotten the basics of a sound living. Before we go ahead with the list, let’s take a look at some shocking facts pertaining to their use:

  1. While 52% of mobile users are male, about 52% of mobile addicts are females.
  2. Everyone needs entertainment and these smart apps have done exactly that. Is it surprising to discover that entertainment app usage is at its peak during early TV prime time and falls through the evening?
  3. As per the BankAmerica Research about 47% of Americans cannot go without smartphones for more than 24 hours.
  4. The smartphone users spend about 3.3 hours daily using the phone as per the Exact Target Research.
  5. There is an exponential growth in the proportion of mobile traffic against the total internet traffic.
  6. On an average a smartphone user checks his/her phone 150 times a day.
  7. Smartphone addicts suffer from interrupted sleep, impatience and difficulty focusing. They also indulge in lying about their phone usage and are commonly depressed.
  8. E-commerce is flourishing better on smartphone apps as compared to their website counterparts. For the same reason Myntra has already shut its website version and now selling only on the app. Even Flipkart has decided to gradually remove its website by mid of 2016 and continue only as an app.

Don’t all these facts indicate how smartphone addiction has taken over our lives? Well, let’s see how it affects our social and physical health.


1. Text Claw

If you’re using your smartphone all the time for playing ‘Angry birds’ or typing texts, over the time you notice your fingers are cramped and sore, along with the wrists and forearms. This condition is referred as Text Claw.

It is a result of repetitive strain injury. Since you’re overusing a particular set of muscles and joint relentlessly, particularly the thumbs, index fingers and wrists, in a posture which isn’t their natural, they are predisposed tendinitis. Tendinitis is inflammation of the tendons.

According to several studies about half the smartphones users experience pain in thumbs. Users have to frequently rest their thumb to ease the pain.

Apart from limiting the phone use, for a better experience modifications in the usage are needed. First of all, touch the keypads lightly. Never grip the phone too tight. Always maintain a good posture, especially neck whose muscles are connected to the thumb. One should also exercise the thumbs, fingers and wrists frequently between the usages.