Want to keep your kids away from tabs & smartphones? Here’s how

In this era of technology children are learning how to use a smartphone earlier than they learn to recite the alphabets A to Z. Have you ever sat down and pondered over the real cause behind the same?

It may sound a little blunt but the truth is you’re the real reason behind the children and adolescents getting addicted to smartphones, tablets, laptops or other electronic media—playing games, sending texts or simply browsing internet for hours and hours. The after-effect is the child is practically cut off from the real society while being popular on the social media. In the end, this addiction may prove to be a hindrance in their emotional, social and intellectual growth.

The good news is it’s not too late. The tides could still be turned. The sooner, the better.

Humans have a unique gift of learning. This may prove to be a curse or a boon, depending upon how is it absorbed. When the children grow up seeing their parents or elders being intensely in