So much to learn, So little time

    One of the phrases I get to hear so often is “getting bored”. Either it is “I am getting bored” or it is “Don’t you get bored?”

    Surprisingly, there are people who have so much work, still they are bored with their life making one wonder, “How come he is bored, when he doesn’t have any time to get bored?!” and there are people who apparently don’t seem to have too much to do, still they never get bored. This makes me feel the boredom has a little to do with the amount of work we have and more to do with the state of mind. One of the reasons I think, why some people never get bored, is because of their tendency to learn! If we have a tendency to learn new things, we can never feel bored at any place, at any given time. From the point of view of someone who is ever eager to learn, “There is so much to learn, so little time!” Life is too short to learn even 10% of what this amazingly spectacular, infinitely vast universe has to offer!

    And learning is not only done in schools and colleges. Life itself is the greatest school. There is an ancient saying which means that you can even learn from a small child, animals, trees, rivers, lakes, practically everything, if you just have a tendency to learn. One can see knowledge in everything; it just needs an eye and  an attitude to learn. One who has the “I know it all” attitude will not learn anything, even if the most precious knowledge stares him in eye.

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    We can learn so much from the simplest things. For example, we can learn so much from just interacting with people, if we make a point to interact with more and more people; not only with people who are similar to us but also with those, who we think are different than us.

    Also, there is no age of learning! I was so impressed when a renowned scientist shared that, till the age of 40, he studied/worked in the field of, some other subject. At the age of 40, he started learning a completely new subject, and became so very proficient in that. Though the exact details of this interaction are vague in my memory, but I can still recall how inspired I felt. I also feel so inspired whenever I meet this lady, a young mother with two kids who is always up to learning something new. Whenever I meet her, I feel so inspired that in-spite of having the responsibility of two kids, running a household as well as business, she is so very enthusiastic to learn something new, always! If we are always eager/ enthusiastic to learn and experience something new, it in turn fills our life with so much thrill and enthusiasm that it leaves no space for getting bored, making us feel so much more alive.

    When we had to take a decision about shifting to new country, I was really dicey about it. At that time, my husband, sensing my state of mind, said, “See, it might be very good or it might be very difficult, it might even be a disaster, we can’t predict that. But one thing is for sure, in the end you will realize that you are much stronger and wiser than before, because you would have learnt a lot.”

    The contentment we get by honing a new skill, the thrill we get by a new experience and the depth we get by learning something new, are priceless. It is also a great anti-dote to depression. So get up, get going…explore and learn, re-kindle the enthusiasm in life. At the end of each day, ask yourself “What did I learn today?” Then life will start bringing so much more fragrance and cheer.

    At the end, I would like to quote something beautiful I read the other day:

    “I am learning all the time; the tombstone will be my diploma.”

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    Rashmi Pareek Trehan
    Rashmi Pareek Trehan
    Rashmi is a teacher at the Art of Living. She has conducted several Art of Living workshop for hundreds of people till date, specially for the college students and young professionals.

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