6 Quick Tips For a Tranquil Mind and Peaceful Life

I walk into the room, she is lying in bed, with severe back injury. She is the main in-charge of a big and important event, about to take place after a week. I feel sorry for her state as I look at her, unable to hide worry in my eyes. She says, “What happened?, why are you looking sad!” I am taken aback! As I am searching for the right words to say, she again speaks, “Oh, you are worried about me?”, and continues with a big smile, “What if I can’t stand or sit, I can still speak!, I can still get work done by speaking. Thank God, its just my back, not my throat that is in a bad shape.”
We all come across such people in our life, who have a ability to smile, in the middle of a disaster. And we have also come across people, who crib and complain even when everything is going alright. There are people who will find negative even if there are hundred positives and there are people who will surprise you by finding positive in something where you thought that nothing but negative can exist. So at the end of the day, its not about the world around you, but about how you perceive it and happiness has more to do with what is going on in our inner world (i.e. our mind), than with what is going on in our outer world!

As Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji beautifully puts it, “Quality of our life depends on the state of our mind.” If our mind is calm and peaceful, we can deal with any situation and if our mind is disturbed we can easily make a mountain out of a molehill. Remember how you brushed something away without bothering when you were really peaceful, and how you were so irritated at a little something when you were tensed.  That is why peace of mind is the greatest asset anyone can have and here are a few tips that can help you to gain and maintain tranquility of mind:

1. Meditation: Nothing like meditation, to calm down our system. It impacts us to the deepest level and eliminates stress, worry and anxiety from root.

2. Creativity: Doing something creative channelizes our energy. Whenever anyone tells me they are feeling depressed, one thing I always suggest, is taking some time off to do some creative work, and it has worked wonders for everyone.

3. Exercise: Walk, jog, do some yogasanas or any other form of exercise, but at least a little exercise everyday is a must. We all know that exercise improves our physical health but very few people know that it also affects our mental well being to a great extent and there are many researches to back this.

4. Expand your vision: Being in knowledge and expanding our vision about life and its happenings. Many times, we see life with a limited vision, which is why many people take any temporary situation also as if their life depends on it and get stressed out by little things.

5. Spend time with nature: Nature has power to heal. Whether it is sitting beside flowing water, or beneath a big tree or watching the changing colors of sky…every time we spend time with nature, it helps us recuperate and fills us with joy.

6. Watch out your food: What we eat effects our mind for over 48 hours! It is said, “Jaisa Ann, Waisa Mann”. That is why, eating fresh vegetarian food is always a better idea! And if you are getting too many negative thoughts, fasting just by eating fresh fruits and raw veggies for a day can certainly help you (not applicable for pregnant ladies and people who are unwell)

So get going and let peace dawn and stay in your life so that you can be a source of light to yourself and others!