2018’s Hottest winter accessory trends

    Wonder what are the hottest accessory trends this year? Then you’re in the right site! Today, we will talk about why fashion designers from all over the world favored the following bags, shoes hoops and belts and how you can rock each item! Once you’re done reading the whole article, you’ll find yourself making a list of all the wonderful ways on how to sport these accessories.

    Without further ado, here are 2018’s Hottest Winter Accessory Trends.

    Large Hoop Earrings

    This 70s trend doesn’t seem to end, thanks to its effortlessly chic persona. There’s just something so captivating with giant hoop earrings that make them a crowd favorite. This winter and fall season, go ahead find yourself a couple of mega-size hoop earrings to give your outfit a chic and chunky update.

    Metallic Autumn Leaves

    Leaves change in wonderful colors during the autumn month. What better way to recreate this enigmatic symbol than by wearing autumn leaves as accessories for the cold months? Boho and gypsy style lovers will surely go gaga over a pair of fancy leaf earrings or leaf chandelier necklace in gold.

    Stylish Cuff Bracelets

    Cuffs are also one of the accessories favored in many runways this year, thanks to their artistic and intricate style and designs.  Fashion icons are leaning towards big and chunky ornaments, and this is evident by the large cuff bracelets that strut the winter and autumn catwalk. Whether you prefer bedazzled, a simple gold or silver or even an animal-inspired cuff bracelet, you’re sure to transform your simple outfit into “The OOTD.”

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    Bold-Colored Gloves

    Can’t leave your hands feeling bare and cold during the fall and winter season, right? If you’re one who loves wearing gloves, then we’ve got big news for you. While gloves in classic colors like black and grey are still in, those in bold and punchy colors are a definite must-have this year. So, go ahead and buy that bold pink, eccentric blur or daring red winter gloves you’ve been eyeing for a while now.

    Furry Bags

    Handbag with fur
    Credits: Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

    Who wouldn’t want to have a plush, cute and cuddly bag near you with furry accents? The great things about furry bags are the fact that they blend well among other materials, be it cotton, leather and even crocodile skin. If you’re one who loves granny-chic and shaggy styles, then you definitely need to have one of these bags.

    Belt Pouches

    That’s right – the belt and pouch hybrid is a thing and is fast becoming a favorite trend from the runway and up in the streets. The unexpected combo made by two separate accessories can give any getup and a fresh and cool urban vibe. Tie it around your waist and over your coat you have a belt and a mini bag to store your essentials in style.

    Statement Scarves

    Let the cold bother you no more, thanks to scarves that are now cooler and funkier than ever. Pick an oversized scarf that can keep you warm and can complement your style without trying too hard. Now that they come in various forms, designs, and materials, you can choose whichever fits your taste. Not a fan of a chunky scarf? You can also opt for puffer-style scarfs that are more fun and laid back.

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    Winter hats are a must if you’re always out and about during the winter season. One of the most beloved winter hats is a beanie. They are cute, warm and one of the most vital fashion tips for bald guys, for people who lack in the hair department will need more protection from the cold. Stock up on a couple of good knit-hats, and you’re good to go. Not sure which beanie to buy? You just have to learn about the many beanie types, and you’ll soon realize which one suits you best.


    girl in berets
    Credits: Photo by Samantha Green on Unsplash

    For those not fond of beanies, berets are a better alternative. These can give your outfit an edgier, sleeker and fashion-friendly look. You don’t need to worry about neat hairstyles for berets has got your back. While they do have a political symbolism, one can agree that these cheesy French favorite will always be fashionable no matter what clothes you plan on wearing.

    Animal Prints

    Yup – animal prints are so in this 2018, and they are not going anywhere soon. If you’re not one who’s fond of wearing clothes in cheetah spots, zebra stripes or snakeskin prints, you can always incorporate the trend by wearing bags, shoes, caps or scarves in animal prints. This, in turn, will give your outfit a nice element of surprise.

    Old West Americana Belt

    Does this type of belt ever go out of style? We don’t think so! The rustic and rough appeal of old west belts is both stylish and functional. Wear it with a pair of deep blue denim jeans, a cozy knit sweater and a good old pair of leather boots for a country-chic vibe. Wear it over a flowy boho dress, and you’ll look like a hippy princess.

    Leather Booties

    Cardigans and leather boots

    All types of shoes can last longer with proper care and maintenance. Since leather is an all-time favorite, why not throw in a pair of leather boots during winter? While snow and leather may not be the best of friends, you can still rock your favorite pair. Make sure to weatherproof them, treat salt stains with care and to dry out your leather boots from the inside and out with a couple of tissues or newspaper.

    Logo Accessories

    Designer brands are taking advantage of the logo accessory trend to promote their products and compete with other brands. From t-shirts to bags to accessories down to your footwear, you can now find logos gracing these fashion items. Just this season, logo even invaded belts and hosieries. Not a fan of wearing big logos on your outfit? That’s okay! Some brands made sure their logos are kept to a minimum size, that you might even miss it if you’re not paying a closer look.

    Now that you what accessories are hot this season, you can now make your shopping list and revamp your winter closet. Make sure to check on your wardrobe first! You’ll never know if you already own pieces that are worth rocking this year. Target is giving a more saving offer to users by Active target promo codes. It would be the best trick of cut down amount on a product.

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