11 Natural remedies which can help to cure your UTI rapidly

    Urinary tract infection (UTI) belongs to the category of sexually transmitted diseases (STD). However, UTI occurs when bacteria enters the urinary system and multiplies thereby affecting the bladder, urethra, kidneys or uterus. The infection causes burning sensation during urination, lower abdominal pain and bloody urine.

    UTI is common among women though it can also affect men. Antibiotic therapy is the standard treatment for UTI, but research indicates that this medication may not work at times. Some studies show that UTIs can be treated without antibiotics by targeting E.Coli’s surface contact with FimH.

    FimH causes E.Coli to attach to the cells in the urinary system particularly the urinary tract. Naturally, urine flushes bacteria when it passes through the urinary tract. However, because of the tight grip of E.Coli to the urinary tract, it is difficult for the body to flush the bacteria.

    As a result of this scenario, it becomes essential to incorporate home remedies for quick relief and prevention of recurrent infections. There are many benefits of using natural resources to cure your UTI quickly.

    For instance, natural medicines do not cause any side effect like resistance even if used repeatedly. The other plus for using natural medicine to cure UTI is that it is cost effective and simple to use. If you better relief of UTI rapidly without any issues, you can try some of the natural remedies below.

    Natural remedies to cure UTI

    The following natural ingredients are not sufficient for treating UTIs, but they are significant in preventing them in the first place.

    1. Cranberries

    Cranberries are natural fruits that contain unique components called phytonutrients. These components are also known as proanthocyanidins, and they prevent E.Coli from attaching to the inner lining of the urinary tract and bladder. The treatment of UTI follows a mechanism of preventing the bacteria from sticking to the inner lining of the urinary tract.

    You need to understand that cranberries are not effective in treating UTIs, but they help in reducing the risk of getting them. The other aspect is that cranberry supplements also play a pivotal role in preventing UTI from attacking your urinary system. Cranberry juice has antioxidants like polyphenols that also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

    2. Treat UTI by drinking a lot of water

    Drinking Water

    Plenty of fluids particularly water help to increase the rate of urination and this biological process is essential for UTI treatment. When you have UTI, urinating can be painful, but it is crucial since you will be in a position to flush bacteria during the process.

    Water is an active natural ingredient that can help to flush out unwanted organisms in the body. In the case of UTI, the more you urinate, the more you remove the bacteria that cause this infection. Drinking a lot of water can also help prevent UTI since your urinary system is capable of continually flushing unwanted elements. Water also dilutes the urine such that it becomes difficult the bacteria to reach the cells in the urinary tract.

    3. Use the bathroom regularly

    Instead of suppressing yourself from urinating, you should make it a policy to pee when you feel the urge. Holding the urine for an extended period is dangerous since it causes bacteria to multiply in the urinary system. It can be difficult to flush the bacteria when it reaches high levels.

    When bacteria multiply in your urinary tract, UTI can also spread to other organs within the urinary system like kidneys. Such a scenario is also known as secondary infection becomes a threat to life since the condition may be difficult to treat when it reaches such level.

    4. D-mannose

    D-mannose helps to prevent E.Coli binding to the lining of the urinary tract and to flush it out with urine. Other substances containing mannose can also positively work to avoid the recurrence of UTIs. Mannose substance only consists of natural ingredients that have no artificial additives hence safe to use.

    5. Consume probiotics

    Probiotics help to improve the immune system, and they also promote proper digestion. There is a general belief that probiotics also help in preventing and reducing the recurrence of UTI in the body.

    Usually, bad bacteria replace good bacteria in the vagina. Lactobacillus is a form of good bacteria that helps to reduce chances of recurrence of UTI. Probiotics aid in the restoration of good bacteria such that it can contribute to flushing infection-causing bacteria.

    6. Increase intake of Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is significant in the body since it helps to strengthen the immune system. It also helps to acidify urine and preventing UTI in the process.  Therefore, it is vital to improving the intake of Vitamin C since it can help you prevent UTI.

    You can obtain Vitamin C from different citrus fruits such as oranges as well as apples among others. These citrus fruits have natural ingredients, and they can safely help to prevent infection while at the same time boosting your entire immune system.

    7. Wipe genitals backwards

    Women, in particular, should develop a system of wiping their genitals from front to the back after urinating. It is also essential to use separate clean toilet papers to wipe the genitals and the anus. Bacteria from the feces can get into contact with the urethra and can quickly move to the urinary tract.

    The secret behind prevention of UTI is to keep the genitals free from bacteria. Women should always make sure that they wipe their genitals with clean paper. It is also important to thoroughly wash the genitals when you shower.

    8. Practice sex hygiene

    Sex helps to introduce bacteria from outside to the urinary tract. It is, therefore, necessary to practice good sex hygiene as a way of preventing a transfer of bacteria between both parties. Prevention is the best natural remedy to UTI since you can keep it at bay through practicing safe sex always.

    • Use protection such as condoms
    • Urinate before and after sexual intercourse
    • Washing the genitals with clean water before and after sex
    • You should be aware of your UTI history

    9. Use heat to soothe UTI irritation

    You can use a heating pad to soothe the irritation, inflammation and burning sensation caused by UTI. Read more about how you can apply the heat slowly around the pubic area? But you should avoid using it directly. You also need to be careful to avoid causing burns.

    10. Avoid irritants in your diet

    It is crucial to avoid irritants such as caffeine, spicy food, artificial sweeteners, alcohol as well as nicotine since they can irritate your bladder. The irritants can make it difficult for your body to heal hence the need to consume food with high fiber content to enhance digestion.

    11. Use herbal remedies

    Herbs such as uva ursi (bearberry leaf) can give you relief for lower urinary tract infections. However, you should take this herb over a short period since it can cause a liver problem if you take it over a long period.

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    The above home remedies can help in preventing the recurrence of UTI. However, they are not 100 percent effective in treating the infection, and you need to be careful when taking some of them. It is recommended to seek medication from a doctor when you feel that the disease is now a cause of grave concern.

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