Four (Non-Black) handbag colours that go with everything

    Most of today’s girls and women are busy in their schedules. Not always they are able to take out time to get ready and wear matching accessories that look elegant and add a splash to their overall appearance. One of the most prominent accessories is your handbag.

    Did you know your handbag colour plays a very important role in your overall outlook?

    What if it is not going well with your footwear, jacket or jeans? It looks odd, right? And not always you love to carry black colour arm candy with you. That’s too boring at times. It’s ok to carry a black handbag if you are in the office environment. But when you have to go out with your friends and partners, you would prefer something better that can catch the attention of the people around you.  Well, at such times, you can carry a non-black handbag.

    Are you wondering which those FOUR (non-black) handbag colours that suit and go almost with every outfit you wear?

    [su_note note_color=”#efefef” radius=”0″]No, we are not talking about the most common and bit traditional colours red, white, blue and brown.[/su_note]

    Then, keep reading!

    Four (non-black) handbag colors that suit with all your outfits

    Check out these four unique, versatile and trending handbag colours that are even more multipurpose than black while being both functional and stylish.

    1. Magenta

    Handbag Magenta

    Magenta colour reflects two shades – red and violet.  This colour is very popular in young females. Magenta colour signifies harmony and emotional balance. It suits almost all colours. You can easily pair it up with the outfits of black, white, yellow, green, orange, gray, purple, and many common colours. Not to forget the colour loved by all girls – pink!

    However, this colour might not look good on canvas handbags. But when it comes to leather handbags, this will shine like anything. The magenta colour is also regarded as personality colour. So, if you haven’t yet bought any handbag of this colour, hurry up and start hunting it – either online or offline.

    2. Teal

    Handbag Teal

    Did you know Teal is considered as a universally flattering colour?

    Yes, universally flattering colour means the colour that suits all skin tones and all hair colours.

    Teal colour gives very cool, calm and relaxing feeling. It is much nearer to sky blue shade and yet it is green. That’s why it possesses all the qualities of both blue and green colour. Further, teal shade complements most other colours without looking too raucous. It never looks out of place with any other colour.

    [su_note note_color=”#efefef” radius=”0″]Fashion Tip: Teal colour clutch with a golden strap suits best with casual outfits and high heel leather shoes.[/su_note]

    Teal colour gels greatly with all girly colours like pink, light yellow, orange, blue, lavender, and others. It has also seen widely being paired up with neutral shades like brown, tan, grey, black, and khaki. Also, this colour looks good in all sorts of handbag materials – canvas, leather, cotton, polyester, etc.  So, no need to think twice, just make up your mind to buy!

    3. Beige

    Handbag Beige

    Beige is anytime bae! Look wise it is warmer than off-white colour and almost similar to cream colour.  The shades of beige colour ranges from nearly brown to pale cream colour. The colours that complement beige are pink, green, purple, turquoise, emerald, blue, brown, red, and all-time favourite black. However, the list does not end here.

    Another characteristic of beige colour is it looks different depending on the design and kind of light. So it is versatile colour.

    [su_note note_color=”#efefef” radius=”0″]Fashion Tip: Beige colour designer handbag suits best with black leather pants and high heel leather shoes.[/su_note]

    The beige colour is also very adaptive. If it is worn with bright colours like red, it will give your rich and warm look. And, if it is worn with calm colours like white, it will give you soft and calm look. So, now it’s almost proved that one colour you definitely need for your handbag is beige. Take some time out to invest in searching the best beige handbag for you.

    4. Metallic

    Handbag Golden

    In the race of the best colours, how can a metallic colour stay behind? It cannot! There would be hardly anyone who has yet not been attracted by this stylish and elegant colour. Be it party wears, shoes, watches, or any other accessories – this colour has always made every girl look debonair.

    Metallic colours like copper, silver, and gold are incredibly versatile. A metallic colour handbag will go with any colour you are wearing.

    [su_note note_color=”#efefef” radius=”0″]Fashion Tip: A metallic colour handbag can add a punch of style to a basic pair of leggings and a top.[/su_note]

    One thing is sure; you would definitely be having a metallic colour handbag in your wardrobe. If you have forgotten it, rearrange your wardrobe and place it prominently. It suits with all your outfits so when in hurry, just pull that out.

    Last but not the least…!

    Often, when we think of the occasion and then assume the style to be adopted. But, remember one thing being stylish does not have to be complicated. If you are heavily reliant on a black handbag and also feels it boring, now is the time to ditch it. Enjoy these four (non-black) colours handbag options that go with almost everything. Carrying these versatile colours in your arm will surely spice up your look.

    Monika Khatri
    Monika Khatri
    Monika Khatri is a fashion and lifestyle blogger at MIQL, located in Perth, Western Australia. MIQL is a one-stop hub to visit for the latest and freshest lifestyle needs of men, women, and kids across trending accessories.

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