Marrying When Pregnant: Do’s and Dont’s

    Marriage is a sacred bond that has been binding people ever since time immemorial. Marriage happens when two people fall in love and want to spend their lives together but if a marriage is to happen when the woman is already pregnant, it is a coming together of 2 people who already trust each other so much that it is the very basis of the relationship. Weddings are fun, emotional, full of love but even stress and tension. Below presented are some Do’s and Don’ts for pregnant women to stay sane during wedding preparations and on D-day.

    Do: Be Firm In Your Decision

    Being firm in one’s decision is a great life skill in general but when it comes to big life-changing decisions, you need to be sure, double sure; not just about your decision of marrying but mainly about marrying when you are carrying a baby. if you think that this might get a little too much to handle, drop the plan right away. Do not let anything take a toll on your mental health as it mostly gets worse than you imagine.

    That is not to say that it is very difficult to get married when pregnant. A lot of women do get married this way but move forward keeping in mind that situations are always different for different individuals.

    Do: Take Help of Your Significant Other

    Involve your partner in the wedding preparations and ask for their help whenever needed. You cannot do it all on your own. What is of prime importance is that you are forging a new bond and are starting a new chapter in the book of your life. Do not think that you are being too demanding and needy, they are your partner for a reason.

    To make things easier and more organized, try to divide the preparations proportionately and plan things with each other beforehand.  Planning things ahead of time is always better. When dividing the work, try to make it a point that not just one of you is overburdened. Amidst all the chaos, make sure to take some time out for a genuine conversation with each other that is apart from those of the wedding preparations.

    Do: Hydrate And Take Ample Rest

    Taking care of yourself amidst this hullabaloo is what only you can take care of and remember. You must have got this a lot but please HYDRATE. By taking care of yourself, you are also giving the baby rest and nutrition that it needs. Remember to carry water and snacks with you at all times because it is very common to faint from dehydration on the final day. Take short naps every now and then even during the preps! Remember to exercise as well because your wedding preparations will require you to sit for long intervals together be it at fittings, tastings, with guests and the list goes on.

    Do: Choose The Right Dress

    The dress is the most important part of wedding preparations for a bride and it can be a little extra strenuous given the baby bump. But DO NOT fret over the dress. That is the last thing you want to do. Choose smartly. It is a smart choice to get something that is a combination of a maternity dress and a wedding dress. Choosing maternity dresses for wedding seems like the ugliest piece of advice ever, but trust me there are beautiful ones out there if they go with the theme of your wedding.

    For a wedding, I won’t say my ultimate fashion mantra of ‘comfort and only that’ but to tweak it a little, try on some 7 to 10 dresses, shortlist 5 and then go with the most comfortable one from the 5. Look-wise, baby bumps look the best in empire-waist silhouette, try to go for chiffon and crepe as they make your bump look good and are also light and comfortable at the same time. Skip the high heels is possible over ballet flats or sandals.

    Do not: Stress Over the Details

    Leave the details to look into for other family members and friends. Ask for help wherever needed. This will make things easy for you. It is better to delegate the work to other people instead of trying to do it all on your own. Stressing, in general, can do a lot of harm; now imagine the damage given that you are pregnant. Fatigue and stress can take a toll on you and the baby to be, both.

    Georgette and lace are really good on the skin and can make the bride feel least stressed physically. These also sit well with the figure and enhances it. To ensure comfortability, it is recommended that the dress has straps so that your dress is the last thing you have to worry about.

    Do not: Mess Up The Timing

    It is highly advisable to host the wedding during the second trimester of your pregnancy. It is also recommended that it be a day wedding rather than night as you will need to rest due to the fatigue caused during pregnancy.

    And lastly, remember that the wedding is just a day, you are marrying for a lifetime! It doesn’t matter much how it went when you are marrying each other for the rest of your life.

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