Best Footwear For Walking In Sand And Beach In 2021

    Walking on the beach or any other surface with loose sand can be challenging, particularly if you intend to walk long distances or spend a lot of time on the beach. Sometimes, sand on the beach can contain sharp objects such as shells or broken glass pieces while the temperatures in the summer can make your feet sweat, leading to odor and discomfort. The best types of footwear listed here for walking on sand and beach for 2021 are designed to protect your feet from sharp objects, offer good drainage, and provide maximum slip resistance on wet surfaces.

    What are the components of good beach footwear?

    Footwear designed for walking on sand and beach needs to have several features. One of the top things considered when reviewing the best footwear for walking in sand and beach in 2021 is the anti-skid property. Apart from slip resistance, beach footwear needs to be breathable, cushioned, durable, and comfortable.

    The best beach footwear is those that are lightweight, soft, and flexible apart from being easy to slip into. They also feature:

    • Durable materials such as TPR felt and microfiber
    • Felt insoles
    • Non-slip tread pattern
    • Water-resistant uppers
    • Adequate toe boxes
    • Stylish design

    Luxury slippers

    Closed-toe slippers: Boca Terry. These closed-toe slippers from Boca Terry are skid-resistant, highly durable, and offer maximum comfort due to the extra foam lining. The cozy pair of slippers are perfectly designed for walking on the sand or relaxing in the spa. Some of the features that make Boca Terry closed-toe slippers one of the best footwear for walking on sand and beach in 2021 are:

    TPR sole: TPR outsole is considered the best type of material for preventing slips and falls on wet and icy surfaces. TPR stands for ‘Thermoplastic rubber,’ and is the preferred choice of material for the sole as it offers superior comfort. The closed-toe slippers from Boca Terry feature a flexible TPR sole that is washable and durable. TPR sole in these closed-toe slippers have good tear strength, are lightweight, and offer excellent weather and abrasion resistance. Best of all, TPR is completely recyclable, making the footwear eco-friendly.

    Microterry Slip-On –Microterry is known for its lightweight comfort and softness, which ensures the closed-toe slippers provide the best of comfort and relaxation. Microterry being very soft is often used in robes and blankets.

    Felt sole. Felt is a very soft fabric that effectively keeps your feet warm apart from being easy to clean and durable. This ensures the footwear has a long lifespan. The high-quality felt is breathable and offers perfect cushioning that enhances comfort when walking on the sand. Boca Terry’s closed-toe slippers are also available in Terry, microfiber, and Waffle cotton.

    Open-toe slippers: Boca Terry.  Walking on the beach is made easy with these terry cloth slippers that feature an open-toe style. Available also in microfiber, Waffle, micro-terry, and checkered materials, Boca Terry’s open-toe slippers are luxury slippers designed for spa and beachwear. Featuring a non-skid TPR sole, the open-toe slippers are also available with adjustable Velcro closure for enhanced grip and comfort. These luxury slippers are also easy to slip into and are designed to offer the highest functionality. Boca Terry uses thick felt in the sole that insulates perfectly against cold while providing a soft tread. Ergonomically designed footbed and anti-skid design make these luxury slippers the ideal choice for walking on sand and the beach.

    Beach sneakers, water shoes, and crocs

    Water shoe: Voovix Water Shoe. Footwear designed for walking in sand and beach will need to be not only comfortable but waterproof as well. Voovix Water Shoe is rated as one of the top sand and beach footwear in 2021 as it is ideal for walking, running, and hiking. The knit upper fabric improves breathability that helps the wearer maintain speed when walking on the sand. With adequate space to ensure the toes are relaxed, the water shoe helps maintain balance. The thick and soft removable insole in the shoe offers comfort and cushioning, which is ideal for those who spend a lot of time on the beach. The antislip outsole offers a superior grip and protects the feet against sharp objects on the sand.

    Beach sneakers: Columbia Drainmaker Iv Shoe. Beach sneakers are built to drain water quickly and offer all-day comfort when walking or carrying out water exercises on the beach. Drainmaker II features drainage ports both in the forefoot and heel, that ensures a fast drying process. These synthetic and upper mesh shoes dry quickly due to the water-draining ports in the midsole and optimized airflow. The beach sneakers give an ideal footing on the sand and other surfaces, being made of an elastic compound for a solid grasp on both wet and dry land.

    Crocs mesh sandals. Crocs Swiftwater mesh sandals. Crocs beach sandals feature ventilation holes, are odor resistant, and are easy to slip on making them one of the top footwear choices for walking on sand and beach. Crocs Swiftwater mesh sandals are listed among the top ten beach footwear as they are designed to maximize comfort in hot weather. Apart from being comfortable, the Crocs are breathable and offer optimum traction with sand.

    The Swiftwater sandals are lightweight, soft, and water-friendly. The footbeds with Synthetic Sole featuring Massage pods offer relief and support when walking which decrease stress on your foot, allowing you to walk long distances on the beach with ease. Apart from walking on the beach, you can also use these Crocs for recreational use including boating or kayaking.

    Hybrid water shoe: Ryka Hydro Sport. While the Ryka Hydro Sport is a beach sneaker it assumes dual roles. It allows the wearer to navigate regular surfaces and also doubles as a superior water shoe making it one of the best footwear for sand and beach in 2021. The flexible upper enhances comfort while synthetic leather adds extra durability. The supportive midfoot cage, padded tongue, and collar maximize comfort. The drainage system and fast-drying upper keeps your feet dry while the thick rubber outsole provides superior grip on different types of wet surfaces.

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