Here’s how you pull of a sassy look this summer

    The summers are here in full swing, and the sweltering heat is already getting to you. You would love to have winters all the year around in the country, but sadly that cannot be the case. The only way to beat the heat of the summers is to be hotter than the Sun in you sassiest outfits. Summer is truly the best season to go feisty with your dress choices. If you are looking for a wardrobe reshuffle, this is the best season to do that with so many ideas trending around to help you put together a great look. Here are some of the top ideas to try out for a sassy look this summer.

    Go yellow but not mellow

    Girls in yellow dress

    Be the center of attraction in the room with the brightest of bright hues. Yellow is big on trend for this summer with the widest variety of shades to choose from. Go for chartreuse or lemon yellow if you have cool undertones and the ones with warm undertones can go for amber or ocher yellow. Get this pop color in your Kurti, palazzos, and shirts.

    Slit up the sleeves

    Girl in slit-up sleeves top

    Sleeves have always been one of the best ways to jazz up your outfit. They have been making waves in the fashion scene for the past few years. The bell sleeves were in vogue last year, and this year it is all about slit up sleeves. The long sleeves are slit up till the elbow, and it cleverly shows off your toned arms. The bishop sleeves can also be a good idea to try out on your shirts and blouses.

    Lounge around in leggings

    Legging Acid Style

    Having fun with your outfits does not mean you sacrifice the comfort factor. The comeback of the leggings bears testimony to that fact. The regular leggings are a thing of past, with models like Kendall Jenner, showing the world how to make the simple leggings look super sexy. Go for the ones with daring slits, sheer paneling, or patchwork and pair it up with a simple monotone top to spice up the look.

    Tuck in to the sides

    Girl in tucked-in T-shirt
    Credits: VGrigas (WMF) via wikimedia

    The tee-shirts are one of the staples for the summers and what takes it from normal to exciting is the way you wear it. Do not keep your tee-shirts un-tucked or totally tucked in like you normally do. Tuck it in but only on any one side. You can go for the side tucked tees with your jeans and even your shorts. This style is one of the ultimate in the casual cool look.

    Pick up the corset tops

    Corset Top

    Give the crop tops some rest and pick up the corset tops this summer. The corset tops are the way to go this season as you can well make out going by the popular looks on the streets and runaways. Keep the top as tight as you feel comfortable in a while keeping the pants wide and flared. You can reach out for the palazzos, flared denim, or Jodhpuri pants to go with your stylish corset tops.

    Don’t shy away from sheers

    Nothing screams bold and beautiful better than sheer paneling. The top celebrities have been embracing this trend on the runaways, and there is no reason why you can’t too. The sheer paneling must be placed cleverly for it to look superb and not weird. You can go for some sheer near your waist, midriff, or just below your neckline. Embroidery or patterns on sheer is another idea that is bang on trend.

    Perk up in pink

    Girl in pink shirt

    Pink is, in fact, the warmest color when it comes to going sassy for the summers. All the crazy shades of pink, right from bubblegum pink to powder pink that you had not given a thought ever, now is the time to embrace them. Designers like Valentino vouch for going head to toe pink but if that is too much for you, at least let pink be the dominant color in your outfit. A baby pink cape or fuchsia tee-shirt dress is something that you can try out. Let your dress be the color of your blush.

    Fashionable fanny packs at the waist

    Fanny packs
    Credits: Plot Spoiler via wikimedia

    Give the big, oversized bags a break and go for the fanny packs. The fanny packs have enough space for you to put your cash, keys, and phone and they are high on fashion too. Clinch it around your waist for a style that is functional as well. If you have worked hard to get a toned midriff, the fanny pack is what lets you flaunt it in style. Are thinking of only pairing the fanny pack with your denim or skirts? Think out of the box and pair it up with your maxi or short dresses.

    Off-shoulders but asymmetrically

    Asymmetric off shoulders top

    Women love to bare their shoulders, and the summers are the best time to embrace the off-shoulder trend. The symmetry of the neckline is not something that you should look for this time. Go as asymmetrical as you can for the neckline of your off-shoulder tops and dresses. You can choose the dresses that look more like a deconstructed shirt rather than a proper dress. Looking sassy for the summers is all about getting the perfect combination of classy and cool. You can try out any of these looks and even mix and match the ideas to bring your own spin to it.

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