The best leggings for every season

Every season is leggings season. Comfortable, versatile, and cozy, leggings are arguably the best bottoms ever created. Pair them with cropped shirts and cozy sweaters for the weekend, button down shirts and blazers for the work day, and a sports bra and water bottle for the gym.

Every wardrobe needs a pair of leggings. Wearable day and night, inside and outdoors, leggings are perfect for every occasion. Choose from floral, flannel, or faux leather to match your look with season favorites.


The best leggings for every season 1

Line Them Up

Nothing is cozier than fleece-lined leggings. When the weather sinks into the single digits, there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a warm cup of tea in your favorite pair of leggings. Perfect for outdoor sports as well, you can layer your lined leggings under pants as a base layer, or wear by themselves on a chilly morning run. As an added bonus, you can often find affordable, fleece-lined leggings online to save money and fill out your wardrobe.

Crushing on These

When it comes to style, crushed velvet is very much the “it” style. This luxe material is perfect for any winter outfit, especially in dark maroon, gray, or green hues. Soft and warm, these leggings will keep you stylish and snug all winter long. Try wearing with a sleek silk or leather top to play with varied materials and textures in your look.

Faux Real

Superior quality leather is beautiful, but expensive and sometimes uncomfortable. To get the sleek leather look without the downsides, try faux leather leggings. Synthetic materials such as polyester, nylon, and spandex are more flexible and breathable for all-day wear, and often much cheaper than leather alternatives. Bonus — they are also animal friendly for those on meat-restrictive diets!


Legging Acid Style

With Spring Showers

When the weather thaws and everything is in bloom, it’s time for your wardrobe to emerge from its winter hibernation. The perfect companion to your spring awakening are floral leggings in bright and pastel colors. Mint and lavender are seasonal favorites, and easy to pair with white tennis shoes and a sweater. Try playing with assorted color palettes to match those colors already in your closet. Be wary of beige or white leggings however, since these unforgiving colors can reveal unwanted underwear lines. If you choose these lighter colors, just be sure to opt for thicker, higher-quality fabrics and styles.

Not Quite Pants

If you want a more put together look than classic spandex, try jean leggings or “jeggings”. These glorious pants look just like jeans, but move and breathe like leggings. Form-fitting and stretchy, jeggings hold their form better than jeans, since they have spandex integrated into the traditional jean fiber content. Look for those that have real pockets if you want a place to put your phone, since many jeggings sew the pockets closed for a slimmer look.

Reinventing a Classic

Corduroy is a spring staple, but try corduroy leggings for a modern twist on these classic pants. Trouser-inspired seams flatter your frame in all the right spots, and dress up otherwise laid-back leggings. Plus, corduroy leggings are just as soft as velvet, but fit better in a spring wardrobe. Wear them to work with a white, button-down cardigan for a clean, preppy look.


Girl in summer

Show Some Skin

A great solution to warmer temperatures are shorter hemlines! Above-the-ankle leggings match well with the season, and can help you cool off in the sun. In addition to capris, cutouts are an in-style solution to the rising temperatures. Moto mesh and cotton combinations allow for airflow, performance, and style. Look for athletic leggings with cutouts, which are engineered to bend and move with you. Moisture-wicking fabrics also keep you sweat-free and styling.

Geometric Prints

Bright colors in geometric patterns are perfect for summer cookouts and outdoor shows. Cotton and spandex are breathable and flexible materials, and high-rise leggings are great to wear with cropped shirts and tanks. Try varying materials for added texture variation, and opt for splashes of neon fabrics for summer concerts and beach trips.


Girl on skateboard wearing legging

Plaid to Meet You

Nothing says fall like pumpkins and flannel. Warm up in this cozy woven fabric in chic plaid prints. Tucked into boots and layered with a warm sweater, plaid flannel leggings are the perfect companion to a brisk fall day. Pick deeper hues, such as maroon, rusty orange, and forest green to match the surrounding foliage, and choose brushed-cotton flannel for extra softness.

Sweater Weather

Performance meets comfort in this contemporary style. Ribbed-knit leggings are a stretchy and soft addition to your weekend wardrobe, and can go from work to workout with just a quick shirt change.

Additional Styles

Girl walking in leggings

Tummy Tuck

For some added support, choose high-rise leggings with wider waistbands. Ponte leggings, made of double-knit fabric, are another option for those looking for something thicker than traditional cotton leggings, but with that added flexibility.

No Horsing Around

To keep leggings from inching up your calves, try stirrup-style leggings. Loops that go over your heels prevent the fabric from bunching up in your boots, and help keep the material long and smooth under winter socks.

Barely There

Leggings are a great solution to dresses and tunics that are too short to wear without pants. For these styles, you can wear thinner materials because of the added coverage on top. Plus, leggings will keep you warmer than tights in the colder months.

Try out these styles and materials during any season for year round comfort.