Journey of Jeans [Infographic]

Take a look around and you will find most men adorning jeans. It is one of the most favorite and popular garments for men. Jeans are found in myriad fittings and styles and men can choose the one they like. While some of them come in extremely tight fittings and seem to be sticking to the skin; others are loose fitting. The choice of jeans depends a lot on the figure of the man. While a tall man will look taller in skinny jeans, a short man will look shorter in loose fitting jeans. There are various key factors that make jeans better than any other pants. Denims offer unmatched comfort and style. You don’t have to look further if you have chosen denim as your bottom wear for party.

The infographic below, created by HX1 Jeans, revolves around the amazing journey of jeans. Go through the same and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.