10 Ways to Eliminate Stress From Your Life

    Stress is one of the health problems affecting so many people from young to old. It can be medically treated or treated orally through counseling. You can eliminate stress through involving yourself in the activities you love most. Stress can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and frequent headaches. Avoid taking alcohol which leads to hangovers coming in form of stress giving you a bad day beginning.

    The following are 10 Ways in which you can eliminate stress


    This is one unique way people do not realize that it helps to reduce stress. It is only applicable to those who know how to swim. During the swimming process you need to be focused and alert to avoid drowning. In this process stress will be at bay and you will feel relieved and relaxed. Different swimming styles make you relax your mind and start enjoying the water.

    Get enough sleep

    As featured in the lifestyle news enough sleep helps the mind to relax and reduce stress. Take a warm bath before sleeping it will help you sleep enough, you can also avoid taking drinks at night to avoid bladder disturbances at night.

    Get a massage

    Stress causes your muscles to get tight and rigid hence let someone massage them using some warm water. As featured in the lifestyle news today, a head massage helps to eliminate stress at about 60%. Make sure a beautician does it for you since they are experienced and will deliver a professional service leaving you completely relaxed and stress free.

    Deep breath

    Your boss can be so arrogant at some times with deadlines, plenty of work and endless instructions. Do not feel down simply take a deep breath to enable your mind relax and keep off stress.

    Avoid relaxing with alcohol or other drugs

    They simply add you load of stress. In any case if you find they have relieved you stress, you are wrong since you are simply drunk. The moment you get sober your will continue feeling more stressed. Take enough rest and plenty of water or any none alcoholic drinks to enable you relax hence reduce stress.

    Get emotional support

    It involves sharing your problems to your entrusted friend. It is featured in the lifestyle news that speaking out your heart helps greatly to reduce stress. Find someone you can convene in being sure that he/she cannot broadcast your problems. You will feel relieved from stress.

    Feed properly

    As featured in the lifestyle news, if you are stressed make your favorite dish to enable you raise your moods, after enjoying your meal, you will have relieved yourself from stress at great percentage. Avoid junk foods since they add you more anxiety hence, make vegetables and fruits plenty in your diet. They make you feel fresh relaxed hence reducing the level of stress.


    This involves activities that will draw your mind from any disturbing issues. Jogging in the morning helps much since you have to focus in finishing the set distance. The focus will lead to reduction of stress. Exercise at the gym makes your entire body relaxed and fresh through sweating making you forget troubles in life.

    Do not overload yourself

    No matter the pressure given at work, obey your body’s feelings. Make sure that you rest when you feel exhausted and avoid overworking since it triggers increment in the levels of stress. In case of too much school work, drop some units and handle just a little number that will not stress you. There are jobs that involves carrying loads using shoulders, avoid carrying excess loads since it triggers stress and anxiety.

    Listen to music

    Listening to smooth music soothes the brain, making you feel relaxed and fresh. In case you can sing along, the better since your mind will concentrate in speaking out every word in the song. You will find how simple it is to eliminate stress through listening to music.


    The above 10 ways are so helpful to both depressed and stressed people. If you really need to get off stress follow the above   ways and you will be glad you came across them since stress will be a history. Avoid people who are always discouraging since they will always keep you stressed people. Find a company of people who are always positive since they will make you appreciate life as it is. You will be able to deal with discouraging situations in a positively.

    Annie Lizstan
    Annie Lizstan
    Annie Lizstan works as a health and beauty consultant for online websites and an independent researcher by profession. She had completed her studies from university of Arizona and live in Wasilla, Alaska. She always like to explore her ideas about health, fitness, beauty and skin care treatments. She has experience researching as a passion as well as profession.

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