How to make your bust look bigger   

    Don’t worry. This isn’t a hard-sell for a dietary supplement or a piece of exercise equipment or even a “miracle” bra that’ll magically deliver a curvy chest. Truth is, you don’t need any of that stuff. It’s far easier to implement some simple, down-to-earth strategies to get the appearance of a bigger top-half. Read on to learn how.

    Have a professional bra fitting

    According to an international study performed by a Swiss lingerie company that analyzed the bras of 10,000 women, 64 percent were found to be wearing the wrong size bra. So, your first order of business is to get a professional bra fitting.

    When you’re wearing the wrong bad and/or cup size, padded or push-up bras won’t have the desired effect. If anything, you’ll end up with lumpy-looking breasts, which isn’t a good look on anyone.

    Invest in a padded or push-up bra

    Padded pushup bra

    Once you’ve identified the right bra size, dedicate some serious time to trying on different bra styles. Wear a fitted cotton tank underneath a loose, button-up blouse, so you can preview each bra style with a loose- and form-fitting silhouette.

    Many women like the crescent-shaped push-up bra style that compresses the breasts to the middle to create enhanced cleavage. You might love this look with your blouse, but find that a standard push-up style is more flattering with your basic tank. No problem. Make a note of that and, as your budget allows, invest in the styles you need.

    You can also try silicon “chicken cutlets,” which are bra inserts. These can add volume to your breasts and work well with cleavage-enhancing bras.

    Also think about your workout routine, and go through the same process trying out padded sports bras until you find a style you like.

    Wear tops with ruffle detailing at the bust

    Ruffled top detailing

    Tops with ruffle detailing on trending high right now. And when those ruffles are strategically placed above the waist, they create shape and draw the eye. Look for horizontal ruffles that travel from shoulder to shoulder. If ruffles are not your thing, any type of gathering, pleats, or ruching in the bust area will have a similar effect.

    Avoid ruffles that form a narrow line down the front of the top, as these can make your chest look flatter. C-shaped ruffles can make the bust area appear fuller. Avoid ruffles that form a narrow line down the front of your shirt as this can make your chest appear flatter.

    Try V-neck tops

    V-neck tops are an easy way to make your bust look bigger and you probably already own a few. The cut of a V-neck shows off more skin which naturally draws the eyes to the bust area.

    Tuck loose-fitting tops into high-waisted bottoms

    Tucked in top

    You can also make your bust look bigger by showing off your small waist. A smaller waist naturally makes the bust seem larger by comparison. Achieve the look by pair a loose tunic or blouse with a pair of high-waisted bottoms. When you tuck that flowy blouse in, you’ve got an instantly sexy, hourglass shape.

    Choose tight-fitting tees and tops

    Girl in a tight-fitting T-shirt and jacket

    If you are naturally slim, tight-fitting tees and tops can accentuate the busty curves you do have. This works best when you already have a tiny waist. If your body is on the straighter side, experiment with contrasting thin belts — again with the goal of showing off the difference in size between your waist and your bust.

    Use bronzer to contour the bust

    Your face isn’t the only thing you can contour. You can also use bronzer to contour and “shape” your breasts. Outlining the breasts and sides of the neck with bronzer or a foundation stick creates shadows that highlight the bust.

    This will take some practice on your part to get a completely flawless finish. Start with a shade that’s only a hair darker than your normal skin tone and blend, blend, blend. And, if possible, check your results in various types of lighting before you head out for the night.

    Work out your upper pectoral muscles


    Workout Push Up

    If you want your bust to look bigger both in and out of clothes, add some upper pectoral exercises to your workout routine. Weak pectoral muscles can lead to sagging, which in turn makes your breasts appear even smaller.

    There are many types of exercises designed to strengthen your pectoral muscles, such as push-ups, dumbbell lifts, fly lifts, wall presses, and crunches.

    See? No hard sales pitch for some wacky supplement that probably doesn’t work anyway. Making your bust look bigger — without surgery — involves the right bra, strategic outfit choices, a few swipes of bronzer and some push-ups. Easy peezy!

    Catherine Brock
    Catherine Brock
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