Quintessential linen blazers for men this summer

    There was a time when fashion and beauty industry was seen as a “chick world.” Those days are long gone. Today, both men and women take equal interest in fashion and self-grooming. Fashion designers and high-end labels are invested in creating impressive clothes for men, season after season. Sean O’Pry, Brad Kroenig, David Gandy, Eugen Bauder and many more have become teen heartthrobs. They have the body and the attitude to carry out amazing creations by A-list designers. Even famous footballer David Beckham failed to ignore the call of the fashion world. So, fashion is as much for men as it is for women. Here, you will get an information download on linen blazers for men and the hottest trends for summer 2018.

    Emergence of blazers

    It is surprising to note that an outfit that is so important today was not meant for fashion. Yes! Blazers saw the light of day in the year 1825. Suits played an important role for British gents. Back in those days, owning proper suits was a mark of status. But blazers are not suits! Generally, British detested any abominable variation of clothes. They were rather rigid when it came to their attire. The members of Lady Margaret Boat Club of the prestigious Cambridge University were of the opinion that they needed something comfortable to wear while rowing their boats. A normal coat was rather weighty. Thus, they needed something equally sophisticated yet light and manageable. A blazer was crafted out of natural fabrics to keep these men cool under the sun.

    A Perfect marriage of style and comfort

    comfortable linen blazer

    Linen is one of the costliest natural fabrics known to men. Since linen is harvested and processed manually, cost of fine quality linen is high. It is not a new fabric. Ancient Egyptian kings and queens dressed only in most beautiful linen and cotton. The reason behind this was its ultra-soft texture, absorbing power and breathability. These three weapons come in handy in a fight with the sun. Coats are bulky, thus rendering them uncomfortable for the summers. But blazers are ideal for having fun under the sun. With these by your side, you can be at the top of your game from dawn to dusk. Today, you can get several varieties of linen garments in stores. Owing to this soft texture, it has a good fall, fits the body well and highlights your style quotient.

    Linen blazers in offices

    Blazers will not make the cut if you work in a corporate environment. Men with an artsy predisposition or those who work in a relaxed, professional atmosphere, with no strict codes about dressing, can sport linen blazers in an office. You will be in a formal setting. It is best to stay with subtle colors or fine checks. Navy blue, pastel aqua blue, greys, charcoal black, zed black and off-whites are ideal picks. These hues go with most colors. It will save a lot of time in the morning, as you don’t have to search for a shirt that goes with it frantically. Wearing these blazers with tailored trousers will keep your style quotient high in the office.

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    Colors to add some spunk

    man in casual linen blazer

    A short summery shirt, chinos, and comfortable shoes are ideal for a quick rendezvous. But will it help you to stand out among others? For a fashion icon, it is of paramount importance. A light linen colored blazer will lighten up your face and style statement. You may not be the best man out there, but you can surely be the best-dressed man. Linen by nature is subtle. Getting loud colors and rich feel with linen fabric is difficult. If you desire that luxurious feel, opt for linen and cotton blended blazers. Cotton will help the colors to pop and offer an extra smoothness.

    It’s party time, guys!

    Summer is the best time to flaunt your rock hard abs, but subtly. It is imperative to dress like a Mediterranean Greek god and dress like a gentleman. Be ready party hard when the sun goes down. Wearing semi-fitted shorts with T-shirts will give the desired look. To add character to the outfit, throw a printed or textured linen blazer on top. One should have few of these linen party blazers in the wardrobe to get the party-ready look easily. Party blazers are available in striking colors as well. Apart from a night out, these blazers will also offer a sophisticated look at occasions like summer day or evening wedding and reception. Keeping a decent stock of colors and fits will assure that you will look better than the others at all times.

    Keep these points in mind, and you will never falter in your quest to procure the best linen blazers that money can buy. Caring for linen outfits is rather easy. Due to its resistance power, you can wash them at home with mild liquid detergent. It is best to stay away from chemicals and dry cleaning. Once cleaned, dry these in the shade, as you do with other expensive dresses. You see! Direct sun rays don’t weaken the thread, but it fades the color. Lightly iron these blazers, and you are ready to rock the dance floor or the conference room with equal grace.

    So, don’t spend unnecessary cash on professional suits. Make them if you have to. In case your boss is ready to cut you some slack, there is no better option than a linen blazer. Log online or check out your nearest store, and bring home some fantastic blazers today.

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