How to become more stylish at work , even if you don’t have any clue

    Work is never a happening place to be for most of us. We dread even having to wake up for it, let alone dress up for it.

    Just as how much we hate it, we can’t just show up in our favorite pajamas and t-shirt with a huge mug filled with coffee at the workplace, I mean we all do prefer it but the boss might not be too happy about it. But we can bet, he must also secretly dream about it.

    So, either we take this hit every day like a warrior and ace it, or just let laziness take over our minds. The former suits us the better as risking our jobs is not worth the laxity. That brings us to the topic which is how to look dapper every time with doing a minimal effort.

    Going to work is a never-ending process, which often results in us being sluggish and neglectful against having to do the effort of dressing up every single day for God knows how many years.

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    But to change this and be as glowing, spic and span as we should be, we are bringing some easy to follow tips for every morning. These tips are going to make us appear more stylish, classy and dead serious about our jobs. Here we go:

    For Women:

    No harm in admitting how every girl has this dream of becoming so stylish and always be on-point so that people look up to her. They admire her dressing, chase her for fashion advice and treat her like a queen.

    Trust us, classy attire can make you that famous in a short span of a couple of days. While in office, there is always someone who steals the show every time they show up, too bad if it’s a girl. Jealousy is petty and ridiculous, take confidence from her and step up your game just for yourself. Not to be competitive, competition is always a good idea for mind games.

    Spend to uptrend:

    The fundamental requirement is to spend first, because that’s how you buy new, chic but reasonable clothes, right? Always choose for what you think defines you, don’t buy and wear fitted, boring gray suits if you don’t like to wear it.

    An office is a critical place but it still leaves you with plenty of margins. You bought that pencil skirt with a blue button-up shirt, good; now to make it perfect, buy the funky, colorful little shoulder bag to spice your outfit tomorrow.

    Some good choices to wear at the workplace would be pinstriped pants or suit. Lots of button-up shirts, not necessarily plain. A small, cute pattern on the fabric might work for you. Moreover, elegant but spiffy blazers and biker jackets for occasional days at the office.

    Spend your money wisely to purchase outfits that would suit you and make every feature of yours to stand out. Never try to convince yourself into buying what you hate.

    Office attire is just as the vast domain as any other; you can try anything to make a statement. Heels are powerhouses-literally the must-haves.

    Do not compromise on wearing heels where ever it goes but doesn’t neglect your health. Trendy flats might be helpful during some days.

    Don’t play it safe:

    Like I said, don’t do boring and dull. Flashy, bright or cute things are not prohibited; just their excessive is not appreciated. If you’re wearing the black pencil skirt, pair it up with red polka dots shirt with shoulder-baring sleeves. Oh! And the one strand bead necklace would look amazing.

    Similarly, a fancy and prominent bag made of notable colors would always add the sparkle to your outfit, no matter how plain it is. Bags are life savers; always buy extra for better or worse.

    So, note the key, always experiment and give a little touch of your true personality. The best way to shine your brightest is to flaunt your personality through your dressing style. Use your mind and hands to create a look that describes you the best and gives you the confidence to make you outshine others.


    Accessorize in Office

    Many people are not too fond of wearing accessories simply because they think it’s too much.

    So to start off, nothing is too much. Accessories are little, non-living friends which help us to glam up ourselves. A golden dial watch with brown leather strap is the best thing you can do for your hand; it also depicts how ready you are for the day. Or, silver hula hoops dangling in your ears would make you 100 times more presentable than without it. The littlest addition always makes the loudest impression!

    Do your face:

    The face is the first thing anyone notices about you, in case you’re wondering, dressing it the second.

    It is advisable and appreciated if your face is not completely bare, indicating you just landed in your office straight from the bed.

    Doing makeup, less or more, your choice is a good idea. It adds glow and freshness needed to make everything fall into place. Applying cosmetics brings the color and makes your whole attire complement each other.

    For Men:

    Men don’t have to do much, I mean, the classiest dressing they can do is wear a designer suit, and the most formal; a suit as well.

    Men in Suit

    The poor guys don’t really have much choice, or to state the truth, it is an absolute blessing in disguise for them.

    But there still are few things that must be taken into account to appear more stylish and presentable at work. After all, the loudest message conveyed is through your attire.

    The basics are known to everyone and if anyone has their mind occupied by other things, we’d like to repeat. Never show up in shorts, joggers, vests, hats, floral prints at the workplace. No! There is no room for argument, it’s decided.

    Take notes:

    It is not degrading to take inspiration and advice from seniors. Look for how they dress up for the office and how they are taken due to it.

    Also, many offices have different auras and environment. Figure out the aesthetic of your office and plan your outfits according to them.

    If you work in Microsoft, a formal suit would be the safest idea, whereas, if you work in an art gallery, you might want to add some casual touch with colors to your attire.

    Fill up your closet with basics:

    In order to climb the ladder and step up the game, the base or ground is vital to existing so you could use it. That is how we say suits are always needed forever.

    Suits in various styles, colors and patterns are good to go as long as they are smartly fitted and not making you look like a sag.

    Suit with a pattern go best with a plain shirt underneath and plain suits look sharp with bright colored or shirt with stripes or formal pattern.

    Ditch the usual:

    being sharp and smart looking does not always require usual stuff. Pairing up the slacks and button-up shirt with a casual jacket is equally as streamlined and graceful as the traditional suit.

    Not to mention, if your office is not as strict as some of them are, a plain but good-quality t-shirt underneath the coat might steal the show for you. It creates a smart yet sleek look for the workplace indicating your light mood.

    Pay attention to your shoes:

    metaphorically speaking, shoes are the climax of the movie where either you love the movie or hate it for the rest of your life. The choice of which shoes to wear is not something where you want to ditch the usual, you go with the convention. Shoes are tricky, so it is better and safe to learn from the experience of others and choose the already made rules of what color and style of shoes to wear with which type of suit. Gray suit goes with black or brown shoes but black suit always has to be paired up with black shoes, no thinking of your own.

    Helpful Resource:

    100+ Men’s grooming & lifestyle blog you can get ideas from. Click here


    Before everything else, before you go out and buy things considering our advice or you dress up according to the preference of your boss, the most important thing to remember is to always be yourself. Never underestimate yourself because you might seem to make different choices than others. Nothing is more appealing than self-confidence that is radiated from within you and let it cast its spell on everyone.

    The rest of the things, the right choices and crucial decisions you have to make come next after you, which are to be taken seriously too.

    As the turning point in your career might be that one day when you showed up in your best formal attire with the most professional attitude which helped you stole the show at the meeting.

    So, keep believing and follow our advice to become more stylish at work!

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    Tim Eugen
    Tim Eugen
    Tim is the founder of Beard Mantra. A blog dedicated to beards, skin, lifestyle shaving etc. In his free time, he likes to research the common problems a man face & then start finding solution.

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