15 Different Types of Outfits That You Can Wear at Any Occasion [Infographic]

Fashion industry has undoubtedly achieved great milestones. If dressing up is your style mantra and you love to read about new trends in fashion, let’s talk about every dress type you probably once thought to add to your wardrobe. Here are 15 different types of outfits that you can wear at any occasion.

Shirt dresses are long; usually denim or cotton based and fall straight on you. Keep this dress ready for sport or adventure filled day. These dresses are perfect for poolside parties as well. There is no need to accessorize shirt dresses. Expect yourself to look boyish once you are in them. These dresses generally look great on women with hourglass, rectangle, slim and petite body type.

Jersey dresses come with classic round neckline, two large ruffled pockets and long sleeves. These dresses look great on hourglass and pear shaped body type. You can wear this dress if you are going for a cocktail party.

Blouson dresses look great on triangle shaped women. If you have got hourglass body, you can also try this dress. Tunic dresses are usually straight and look good on almost every figure type. Pencil dress looks great on women with slim well-toned body.

This infographic will help you in choosing the perfect dress for your body type.