Amazing tips for turning your small bathroom into a relaxing home-spa

    After a busy day at the office, the last thing you want to do is come home to a chaotic house. Your home should be a place for you to relax and unwind. To achieve this state, make your home a place you enjoy being in. You can do that by turning your bathroom into a relaxing home-spa using these tips.

    Give it a Face Lift

    Unless you’ve moved into a brand-new home, chances are your bathroom needs a few updates. Consider updates that will give your bathroom that spa feel, as well as replace anything that’s old or damaged. Replace your too small bathtub with a Jacuzzi tub or deep soak tub. Even if you have a small bathroom, most manufacturers make models that will fit into a smaller space. Having a tub that is deep enough for you to fit completely under the water will give your bathroom a relaxing spa feel. Choose a massage shower head that will lend to the sense that you’re somewhere special, rather than in an ordinary bathroom.

    This is also the time to decide what you want the color scheme for the room to be. Choose a color that feels tranquil and soothing. Pastels or earth toned colors usually work best. Think about the walls at the last spa you went to. They likely weren’t a bold bright color. Also, consider if you plan to sell your home in the next few years. If there’s a chance you might, you can save yourself some time by choosing a color scheme that will sell easily, rather than opting for something bright or dark that you’ll just have to repaint later.


    Bathrooms tend to accumulate a lot of half empty products. Go through the items in your bathroom drawers, medicine cabinet, and on counter surfaces and throw out anything that isn’t good anymore. If you don’t want to be wasteful, use up what you have before buying more. Give everything a designated place and organize with containers as needed. Keeping your bathroom organized and clutter free will make the whole room more relaxing. Every so often, go through and clean out your drawers again to prevent the clutter from taking over. This will leave you room for more spa features.

    Final Touches

    amazing-tips-for-turning-your-small-bathroom-into-a-relaxing-home-spaChoose decor that fits your color scheme and the overall atmosphere you’re trying to create. Limit yourself to just a few items, rather than a ton of items that will just make the room feel cluttered again. Candles make for good functional decor that can be used during a bubble bath and help create more of that spa feel you’re seeking. Whatever other items you choose, whether they be plants, vases, or wall decor, pick ones that contribute to the atmosphere rather than take away from it. Arrange your bathroom supplies so that they look elegant as well as functional. Scented bath salts can be displayed in beautiful jars, and they’ll add a great touch when you’re ready for a bath or a deep soak.

    To make the feelings of relaxation and tranquility stay longer consider adding a towel warmer so that you can enjoy heated towels after your long soak. If you’re concerned about space, there are many brands that make personal sized warmers. Keep several fluffy robes on hand so that you always have something comfortable to wear while in your spa. Buy or make a bath caddy so that you can read or have a drink while you’re in the tub. Consider what you need to feel pampered, and ensure that you have those things on hand so that your personal bathroom spa is always ready for you to enjoy.

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