Finding a Balance Between Work and Working Out

    Finding the time to workout can be tough, especially if you have children, and even more so if you are single and raising those kids. People who have jobs that cause them to travel a lot will face some challenges, especially those working long hours and having to eat on the go. With a few tweaks to your daily routine and better time management, you should be able to fit in regular exercise.

    Make a To-Do List

    A serious issue with balancing the office and the gym is time management. The modern lifestyle asks us to do too much at once—and often, results in getting very little of any one thing done.

    Create a to-do list with five to ten things on it and get it done—make sure one of those line items is ‘working out’ or ‘go to the gym’—and don’t add more to it until you’ve crossed off each one. By doing this, you are sending yourself a message that the things on this list are priorities.

    It may seem like a small step, but once you’ve developed the habit of keeping a list, you’ll start to cherish the feeling of crossing off those ‘to-dos’. Accept the fact your work basket may have tasks in it at the end of the day, do them first thing the next day.

    Put Yourself First

    This might be a hard one for you, but think of it this way: You cannot adequately do your job or raise your kids if you are sick, whether that means you’re ill, overweight, or depressed—all of which can be side effects of a lack of physical activity.

    Make the Most of Your Lunch Break


    Instead of scrolling through social media at your desk during your lunch break, take a walk outside or find an empty office to do a few push ups. If you belong to a local gym nearby, even better. If you’re going out for lunch, walk to the closest, healthy option instead of getting in the car and rolling into the nearest drive-thru fast food joint.

    Wake Up!

    Ready for a real challenge? Start waking up earlier. It may seem impossible, but start by setting your alarm clock just 10 minutes earlier every day for one week. Use that extra time to do some jumping jacks, stretching, or light yoga.

    The next week? Set your alarm five minutes earlier and add in a few crunches. Working out gives you energy and gives your metabolism a jump start, which will have you burning calories throughout the day.

    Alternative Workouts

    High-Intensity Workouts, like those offered at Crossfit gyms or Orange Theory Fitness, can last 20-30 minutes and still give you the benefits of working out for an hour. Consider a martial arts program, which can provide intense physical training as well as mental agility to keep you sharp, focused, and in shape.

    Consider making exercise a family event, which will instill good habits in your kids and keep you all healthy and energized for work and school.

    Those On the Go


    For the travelers, try to stay at hotels with gyms or ones with enough space to do workouts from your room. If you work 15 hour days, then try doing some resistance exercises, pushups or situps on your lunch break, the resistance bands can be easily stashed in a locker or purse.

    Ask the catering department to provide healthier meal options if you work in the entertainment industry.

    You Can Do it

    Maintaining a work-life balance is possible if you learn to manage your time and prioritize your tasks. Involving the whole family allows you to monitor them as well as instill healthy habits. Put your own health first, and everything else will fall into place.

    Rene Daniel
    Rene Daniel
    Rene D. Daniel is a fitness enthusiast who has been writing about maintaining an active lifestyle for nearly 10 years. He can often be found practicing Krav Maga in Los Angeles, where he keeps an apartment with his German Shepherd, Dodger.

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