The Right Dose of Exercise for a Longer Life

Everyone knows that there is a direct correlation between exercise and a healthier life. Even though most people work out to look better, your health should always come first. Many researches support the claim that people who exercise regularly have a longer life expectancy and less health related problems in general. However, exaggerating in anything is bad, and working out is not an exception. With this in mind, many of you wonder what the right dose of exercise is in order to achieve a longer life.

Making a difference

First of all, even though there is a lot of information and opinion on this topic, there is only one thing that can be considered as 100% true. Some exercise is always better than none. However, in order to make a real difference “some” will simply not suffice. This is why you first need to have a clear goal in mind, about what it is you want to achieve, and then do a thorough research on what are the most adequate exercises to achieve it.

Losing weight

At the dawn of the 21st century, obesity is becoming more and more of an issue. This phenomenon is in fact so widespread and dangerous that some refer to it as the plague of the modern age. Keeping your body weight at a satisfactory level will help you fight obesity and thus be less at risk. Doing this also reduces your chance of developing a heart condition which should on its own be a reason to start working out.

Improving your mood

It is also a known fact that exercising just twice a day for no more than 15 minutes can significantly improve your general mood. This practice is called the “second wind workout”. The best thing about it however, is the fact that it can also help you be more focused and therefore more productive. Nothing beats procrastination easier than starting your day with a healthy exercise and ending it in this manner too.

Boosting energy levels

The same as any muscle in your body, the same as willpower, stamina and energy levels can be exercised. The most amazing thing here is that this exercise works like a perpetuum mobile of sorts. The more energy you spend, the greater your energy reserves become. This alone, although may not be health related, can improve your quality of life many times over.

Utilizing the effects of workouts

As we have already mentioned, the effects of workouts depend on many different factors. However, none of them are more important than a proper nutrition. The only way to completely utilize your exercises is to support your training with the right diet. Food rich in fibers, carbs and proteins is the foundation of a great exercise, but there are other nutrients as well without which you could not do (like calcium for example). Don’t overeat, but most importantly, never train on an empty stomach.

Proper supplementation

Finally, in order to enhance all your efforts and get to the desired effects sooner, it is always advisable that you use proper supplementation. Finding the right gym supplements can have a positive effect on both your health and physique, and is definitely something worth trying. However, it is absolutely vital that prior to making any decisions you consult your doctor. Also, when buying supplements, always look for a renowned and trusted provider.

In the end, the right dose of exercise can really make all the difference. However, this dose cannot be measured by the quantity but by the quality of your workout. It is up to you to do all that is in your power to make your exercise as effective as possible and further enhance it with the right diet and supplements. Some may think of this as simply too much of an effort but the end results are always more than worth it.