9 Attractive TikTok Content Ideas That Can Boost Your Following In 2021

    We all know that currently, everything is growing online, and there are several social networks developed with larger followings. For example, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more. These social media websites are an element of growth, conversation, and engagement. 

    TikTok is one of the best and fastest growing social media platforms in the world. It has 800 million active users every month, and it is one of the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS devices. 

    Whether you’re an individual, business owner, or influencer, you can use the TikTok platform to grow your followers count, increase engagement rate and go viral on the TikTok For You page. 

    Here are 9 attractive content ideas that boost your TikTok following in 2021 and beyond!

    Idea 1: Set A Goal

    Many people continuously try to succeed on TikTok, but not all of them get better results. The reason is they fail to set a clear goal and select a niche. Finding a goal is one of the great strategies in the market if you want to build your market and master on the TikTok platform. 

    So, you have to choose the perfect goal for yourself to get more success on TikTok. You can set any goal in your mind that’s your choice. For example, 

    • Are you trying to become a famous person on TikTok?
    • Want to boost engagement? 
    • Want to increase the TikTok following? 
    • Are you trying to build brand awareness or generate sales?

    Idea 2: Create Your TikTok Profile Looks Attractive 

    The profile is the best part of your marketing strategy, and it is the place people can know about you. If you’re trying to get a large number of followers, profile optimization is essential to create a first impression. Here are some interesting tips to make a catchy eye profile:

    • Username: Avoid creating long usernames that are hard to read and remember. You can use the short & catchy username that standout from the crowd. 
    • Profile Picture: Profile picture is the second most step to invite huge people to your TikTok account. If you’re a marketer, you can add your brand logo as your profile picture. 
    • Short Bio: Bio is the best part of all social networks, which helps to introduce yourself in the TikTok world. So, you have to add short and informative content about yourself and your brand. 
    • CTA’s: TikTok now allows users to add clickable links in your bio section. It can help users to visit your website and make purchases directly. 

    Idea 3: Upload Engaging Videos With Cathy Filters 

    If you make videos that are the same as someone else’s videos, there’s no use to get popular on TikTok. Because the viewers of your videos first noticed your videos are really enjoyable or not. Even if your videos attract your viewers, they can quickly decide to hit the follow button to see further videos on your TikTok profile. 

    So, make sure that the content you produce needs more generic and relevant to your target audience. You can also use some video editing features provided by TikTok or other editing tools to make captivating videos. 

    Idea 4: Create UGC To Increase Engagement

    Are you getting more engagement and followers on TikTok? You can definitely achieve your goals with user generated content on TikTok because UGC content is created by TikTok users. 

    On TikTok, you can upload user generated content to encourage your audience to create their own videos with specific hashtags. 

    For example, if you sell physical products on TikTok, reposting user generated content is a great way to enhance brand awareness, increase the number of engagements. 

    Idea 5: Upload Videos At The Right & Peak Time 

    On TikTok, you can find several videos that provide the results, like more content posted at the best time on TikTok. So, you should try to analyze TikTok posts and find when you have the highest engagement or when massive people are active online. 

    When you post videos during peak time, you can receive TikTok likes & followers to increase interaction on your profile page. You can also use the TikTok pro account to access the detailed analytics, and it will show the best hours and days of posting content on TikTok.

    According to the research, the global best time to post content on TikTok is 6 to 10 AM and 7 to 11 PM. 

    Idea 6: Add Trending Hashtags In Your Captions

    Like other social networks, a post with hashtags will help to increase the visibility of your videos. Adding hashtags in your caption can get the chance for your videos to appear on the TikTok For You page. 

    If you add trending and relevant hashtags in your video captions, users can easily find your videos when searching for keywords in the TikTok search bar. 

    You can either use general hashtags or related to your content such as, 

    • General hashtags on TikTok – #fyp, #foryou #followme #tiktok
    • Content specific hashtags – #makeuptutorial #makeup #beauty

    Idea 7: Perform TikTok Duets

    Duet is one of the most engaging and entertaining content on TikTok, which helps to expand your fanbase. The duet’s functionality allows you to react to other TikTok user’s videos without any face-to-face meeting. 

    These videos appear in the side-by-side format like the existing video appears on the left side, and the new video appears on your screen’s right. 

    The disadvantage of this feature is if you want to duet with another person on TikTok, you need access to perform with their videos. But it is one of the creative formats for interacting with another person, creating new & unique content, and making collaboration with other creators. 

    Idea 8: Add CTA At The End Of Your Videos

    Posting amazing content is not enough to encourage followers to follow you. Call to action is also the best option to receive the right audience to your TikTok profile. 

    So, you can use CTA at the end of your videos to directly ask viewers to follow you. It will increase the chance of your follower’s engagement and take an interest in following you on TikTok. 

    For example, A CTA with “Follow us for more videos like this” will gain more engagement on TikTok. You can make your own text and add it at the end of your videos. 

    Idea 9: Partner With TikTok Influencer 

    As a marketer, one of the best ways to enhance your following is by finding perfect TikTok influence and collaborating with them to post different content. 

    Because TikTok influencers already have massive followers who are relevant to their content and have different content ideas. So, you can partner with them to receive a larger audience to your TikTok profile. 

    For example, chipotle can boost its brand’s presence on TikTok via partners with several influencers and create different challenges. One of the most famous challenges is #guacdance, and it has gained 1.1 billion views on TikTok. 

    Pro Tip:

    Don’t partner with just an influencer, and you have to find the best influencer who represents your brand and is directly related to your industry. You should also look at the engagement rate of influencers because some influencers have a larger following but a low engagement rate. 

    Alison Williams
    Alison Williams
    Alison Williams is a social media content writer who works at Flatfitty. She is an experienced social media analyst, and her passion is to contribute to engaging content for authority blogs and websites. You can also visit her online at!

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