Best practices for office cleaning

Every corporate or business premises needs a strict regime of upkeep and maintenance. Many a time’s office managers or business owners themselves are ignorant of the standards that should be expected from their cleaning contractor. And without set guidelines and processes it’s difficult to address any of this.

Besides the hygiene aspect, a clean workplace also equates to a happy and healthy workforce. Its boosts staff morale and their delivery potential enabling them to focus on key result areas rather than on cleaning stuff up. This in turn improves the productivity level of the company.

A clean office also portrays a good corporate image to customers and clients. It affects the way customers perceive your business, to be a trustworthy and professional one.

As a service buyer you need to ensure that your expectations for cleanliness, productivity and service quality are first set, then met by your service provider. This can be achieved through a well-crafted contractual agreement, work process efficiency, by leveraging tools & automation; thereby raising productivity and reducing reliance on additional manpower.

Here is an infographic depicting a four-pronged approach to ensure high standards for office cleaning

Best practices for office cleaning 4

A balanced and all-encompassing approach is needed to ensure cleaning standards for office and commercial premises. Starting with –

1. Setting Cleaning Procedures, Leveraging Tools & Equipment

Prescribed cleaning sequence/procedures, following the right methods and using correct equipment help deliver a better work outcome. A sample cleaning procedure would be –

  • Prepare and Inspect
  • Tackle Spillages & Stains
  • Vacuuming
  • Empty Dustbins
  • Clean Horizontal Surfaces
  • Clean Pantry
  • Re-instate and Finish

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2. Defining the Scope of Work

Convey as much information as possible to enable the cleaning service provider to submit an accurate proposal. This also helps the cleaning company to plan and deploy manpower for the required cleaning services. The scope of work must include –

  • Area of Coverage
  • Service Hours
  • Schedule of Works
  • Other Services
  • Fault Reporting Procedure
  • Pandemic Event
  • Deployment Proposal

3. Service Quality Inspection

The quality of service determines a major portion of the performance of the service provider as it measures whether the service provider is able to meet the performance standards set by the service buyer. Your inspection strategy should include –

  • Inspection Checklist
  • Performance Ratings
  • Inspection and Response Times

4. Performance Review

Keeping track of performance metrics and assessing service provider’s performance on a regular basis helps close the feedback loop. Implement a –

  • Performance Scorecard
  • Incentive Scheme

Following best practices and observing set guidelines is the responsibility of facility managers and office admin staff. Working closely with the cleaning contractors on setting expectations, drafting contracts and laying out procedures leads to better understanding, stronger work ethics and ultimately higher cleaning standards.

Best practices for office cleaning 7
Abde Ali Abuwala
Abde Ali is a freelance writer and web developer associated with Websell Solutions, Singapore. He is a health and fitness enthusiast and love to spread awareness among people regarding the same.

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