5 Reasons why minimalism in fashion is growing

    Fashion trends keep changing every other day. Some trends stay around for a long time, some make a return after years, while others only come for a few days and then disappear forever. There are a few people who follow every fashion trend but majority only jump on a style if it is both trendy and comfortable. Comfort in style is quickly becoming a favorite thing among consumers and the fashion industry is rolling out comfortable fashion to keep up with the demands of the clients. Minimalism has taken over every field of human life. If you browse Pinterest and Tumblr regularly, you may have seen hundreds of minimalistic photos. The trend can also be found on Instagram, but the latter has more concentration of the minimalistic fashion.

    Ever since minimalism became a thing in fashion, it became everyone’s favorite. With each passing day, it is becoming more famous and many people turn towards the minimalistic fashion. But what makes minimalism better than other fashion trends and why does it keep getting more popular each day?

    Here are five reasons why minimalism in fashion is growing:

    1. Easier for a Signature Style:

    Ever notice how a lot of business owners have a signature style? They wear a specific uniform every day and it becomes their identity. They choose their style according to their personality, and then stick to it. Picking a particular dressing style saves them the trouble of selecting a different dress for every meeting and every event.

    Minimalistic fashion makes it easier for people to adopt a signature style. You’re simplistic and small wardrobe will make it possible for you to pick a style and then dress accordingly. If layering is what you love, but only in blacks and whites then minimalism is ideal for you. You can base your signature style on your choice and fill your minimalistic wardrobe accordingly.

    2. Time Saving

    Selecting a dress every day requires so much time and energy and that’s what you don’t have in the morning. You should be able to leave the house feeling fresh, not exhausted and in a hurry because you took too late to dress up, and now you’re running late to the office. If your wardrobe is minimalistic, you won’t be facing this problem every morning. You can easily mix and match different pieces every day and step out feeling fresh and confident.

    The time you save can be spent on self-care. Put on your moisturizer and sunscreen in peace to keep your skin protected throughout the day. Prepare yourself a nice cup of coffee, maybe even a light breakfast. This is one of the reasons many working woman prefer minimalism.

    3. Stress Free

    Do you ever look around your house and see all the stuff there for no reason at all? You wish you could throw it all away but you never have enough time to sort things. The same can be said for your wardrobe. Each time you open it, a bunch of clothes attack you and the ones at the back of the wardrobe that you never use stare back at you mockingly. What are they doing there? You ask yourself, sigh audibly, get out the clothes you need, and push the wardrobe door shut.

    Now imagine a minimalistic wardrobe, no clutter, no unused clothes at the back of the closet. That’s the attraction of the minimalistic fashion and that’s why minimalism in fashion is growing in popularity. A minimalistic wardrobe keeps people stress free because they can easily pick out their clothes each time.

    4. Sustainable

    Protecting the earth is everyone’s responsibility and we must do everything in our power to keep our planet safe and green. When you fill up your wardrobe and then declutter it, that clutter end up in landfills increasing the waste production of humans. Minimalism is one way to reduce waste and keep earth green.

    Since people have become more aware, brands have also started being more responsible. Today, you can shop for clothes that will last longer and consequently will be better for the environment. All of these features make minimalism an ideal fashion trend.

    5. Stylish

    Minimalism is not only good for our environment but it looks great too. You must have seen dozens of Instagram models in minimalistic wardrobes nailing the look. You can mix and match any piece of minimalistic clothing with the other and end up looking superb. Minimalism has grown due to its ability to make the simple clothes look amazing and it is expected to become more famous in the future.

    So if you have been thinking of adopting the minimalistic fashion and making your life stress free, don’t waste any more time and get to it today because minimalism in fashion is not going anywhere.

    Judy Robinson
    Judy Robinson
    Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on women's healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.

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