How to Make House Cleaning Free of Allergens

There is nothing more annoying to people suffering from allergies than having to deal with pollen in the air or excessive amounts of dust inside their homes. Even though in many cases you can’t escape some allergens, the truth is you will fare better if you work on regular cleaning efforts to ensure your home will be much easier to deal with. You will never have to suffer from allergy symptoms and annoyance ever again if you do regular cleaning. The following guidelines will give you the information you need to make things work around your home:

Reducing the number of surfaces that allow the absorption of allergens

A good example of that would be avoiding the use of tablecloths around your home. These only collect dust and thus allergens. If you don’t have these around the house then you will have a much easier time dusting. You should stick to minimal amounts of decoration to ensure you will have no trouble during house cleaning every time. Anything that could get chock full of dust or a dust magnet will be a problem, so you will need to ensure you keep all these obstructions out.

Working on maintaining indoor air quality

This is fairly easy to do by making use of a humidistat to keep better track of your humidity levels. Using a dehumidifier to balance things out will be a good way to keep mold away. The moisture levels should be lower than 50% to keep conditions optimal and to keep the spread of mites and mold to near zero.

Steam cleaning your home

If you have a chance to use steam cleaning, then you won’t have to deal with chemicals used in so many of the common cleaners used around the household. These can easily become a trigger for allergy attacks, so you will need to avoid them at all costs. The great quality steam cleaners on the market have a number of attachments and can cook germs without damaging areas that need cleaning. A HEPA-certified vacuum cleaner will also allow you to clear the dust but you could follow that up with steam cleaning as well to ensure you have an allergy free home.

Washing your surfaces

You should begin working on the bedding and other washables to avoid the spreading of allergens. This will not only keep dust low, but it will allow you to also make air quality better. There will be many opportunities to make this work, as the dust can be mostly removed with the right approach to the job. House cleaning will be a lot easier if you handle this in a way that allows you to keep the allergens to an absolute minimum.

Hiring a professional cleaning company

If you have any serious difficulties with the cleaning job by yourself, then you will need to have professional help in making it happen. With a good company backing your efforts will make things easier and you won’t have to deal with facing the allergens yourself if your allergies are absolutely horrible.