Pitchfork your organic leads and use pop-ups without hampering your SEO- the Hell Bar marvel

    If you’re acquainted with the SEO game, you know how Google consistently changes things. By constantly striving to enhance the user experience for their customers, they have compelled many websites to toe the same line.

    • Interstitials deserve a special mention here. It’s nothing more than an ornamental name for page takeovers, pop-ups and scroll boxes.
    • It features above your content and strives to convince or drive away your visitors from reading your content.
    • Fundamentally, they are there to propel your visitors to subscribe to your concerned email list or buy something from you.
    • Sizing them properly is important. As a user, there’s nothing more bugging to find pop-ups asking for your email address when you’re looking at some website on your phone.
    • From a business perspective, you need them, but that doesn’t mean you have to scroll through your phone to trace that ‘close’ button.
    • So, you need to ensure that your pop-ups are compact and responsive. They shouldn’t disturb user experience on your website.
    • Use pop-ups only when necessary. If you earn ad revenue through them, you can replace the income by inserting adverts elsewhere on your website.
    • You can also use affiliate links in your content to generate that revenue.
    • Embedded alternatives are also good in this regard.

    Know about SEO leads

    If you search for Hello Bar, you’ll see a SERP coming up. Each of the arrows you add will highlight a search engine result. Two are for your web pages, which include the Hello Bar homepage and the other one is for your image results.

    • To get more SEO leads your goal is to attract more search engine traffic. The next step is to convert visitors to your customers. Sites like can do the same thing.
    • Just as you click on the Hello Bar’s first search, the homepage will display the converting visitors into customers with the tool.
    • You have two main CTAs here, both sending the user to the same domain/page.
    • If a visitor who arrives through search engine signed up for a free account or clicked on CTA, the person would become a lead, or rather an organic lead.
    • You know that organic leads are costlier than paid leads.
    • Lead generation and content marketing can bring in customers and prospects, but you don’t need to pay for them apart from setting up your website, creating content, and wisely investing in beneficial tools.
    • Finding your audience is the key here. That’s exactly how online marketing works. You need to have a common ground to share with your visitors to connect with them.

    The need for Hello Bar

    It entails a simple-to-use plugin or script that fits cohesively and seamlessly into your site. It improves your availability of traffic and online presence.

    • If you use a WordPress blog for publishing your website, you can just install Hello Bar by implementing the WP plugin/script and following some on-screen directions.
    • If you’re using an HTML website layout, you need to manually integrate the Hello Bar script into the HTML files.
    • Fortunately, its setup and installation are very easy. The HB website provides detailed instructions.
    • The tool provides various options to communicate with your clients via your site, helping you to build a more personal feel and aura around your business.
    • It also increases sales. Currently, you have four methods to use Hello Bar on your business website.
    • You can use it to promote a discount or sale, interact directly with your website visitors, increase your Facebook followers/fans, and increase your mailing list.
    • You can use the Bar on your site to direct visitors to your latest bargain, deal, or rebate/giveaway to enhance the amount of time they will spend on your site.
    • The Hello Bar use also increases the prospect of a purchase or of your consumers providing their contact details.

    The extensive usage

    By adding a normal code snippet to your content management system or website, you can have an attractive banner to advertise just about everything you want in a couple of minutes.

    • It helps in focusing attention and resources on your most thriving content. If you write a great content piece on your blog that’s worth reading for everyone, you need to adequately advertise that blog section and make sure your visitors find your content.
    • This is where Hello Bar pitches in. it advertises your valuable content at every page’s top for a time period.
    • It has the ability to adjust the frame and color, making it a near-perpetual portion of your site.
    • You can use the tool for promoting job listings on the careers page. A lot of traffic to your site may come from your firm’s local geographic realm and using the bar is an effective and simple way to let others know that you’re hiring.
    • A great thing about the Bar is that it provides click data in its rear dashboard. You can then see the number of clicks on your headline via the bar in real-time.
    • You can also promote your branding and social media accounts. Depending on your website type and its purpose, you will have a social media presence to promote your brand.
    • With Hello Bar, you can enhance your social media’s follow rate by making the CTAs more prominent on the site.
    • Again, you can implement the built-in and robust click tracking mechanism for determining any improvement in the bar.
    • If you occasionally edit the headline or CTA, you can see what exactly is getting the greatest number of clicks to your social media pages.

    A prismatic view

    Going by the reviews, Hello Bar has got stellar ratings for its overall performance, value for money, features, and customer support and ease of use.

    • Its product details include sticky bars, popups, CTAs and more. There are out-of-the-box templates.
    • The A/B testing feature is nifty. It galvanizes simple and effective data, helping you to understand how your clients react.
    • It has solid integrations with campaign monitor, segment, Mailchimp, etc

    You can easily plug Hello Bar into any site to showcase static bars, popups or complete page takeover’s, eventually converting that site’s visitors into customers.

    Pete Campbell
    Pete Campbell
    Pete Campbell is a social media manager at and has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He delights his clients by helping them buy real Instagram likes. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

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