5 Reasons why you are not getting pregnant

    Getting pregnant and starting a happy family everyone wants’ that in certain times of life but not all couples are lucky enough to have a baby because of infertility issues. Nowadays this is one of the most common issues within many couples and I study founded within 6 couples 1 couples is affected by some kind of reproductive system related issue. This issue can happen to anybody of any age also sometimes both men and females have this issue which makes pregnancy harder for couples. But there are solutions for that is Infertility treatment also known as IVF treatment as many couples use this treatment for last hope of achieving pregnancy. But there are some major reasons why couples not able to achieve pregnancy.

    Top 5 Reason why you are not getting pregnant

    1. Age

    Simple and one of the most important effective reason why you are not getting pregnant as if you are a couples under the age of 30s then there are chances that you will not have any pregnancy related issue but still you can have infertility issue under the age of 30s because if you do not maintain your healthy routine and diet then you may face early age infertility issue. But it is mostly found the couples with the age of 30s to 40s or plus have this issue more. Because in women’s case as the age grows the effects of the egg which directly affect pregnancy and if you see the men’s perspective semen quality is effected with aging that’s why couples not able to get pregnant and age plays a big part in it. Still with the help of IVF treatment and specialist gynaecologist couples can achieve pregnancy.

    2. Schedule our Intercourse Time

    Well if you are a couple and want to achieve pregnancy naturally then there is the only way is to do regular intercourse as if you are in the age of twenties or early thirties. Then you should have intercourse every day also try to start the time process before ovulation. Couples can start intercourse 4 or 5 days before ovulation which likes to increase your chances of pregnancy. Many couples do intercourse but not regularly as if you want to start a family then you have to do regular intercourse because in some cases it takes time to get pregnant as it is been found the couples tried 6-8 months of regular intercourse and then they achieved pregnancy. You cannot clearly say that you are affected with infertility until you have done 1 year of intercourse and still you are not achieving pregnancy only then you can visit gynaecologist for checkups.

    3. Stressed

    You are not ovulating this happens because of many reasons but the main reason is hormonal imbalance many have a lack of proper mix of hormones to create quality eggs. And if some case hormonal imbalance is genetic like if your mother or grandmother has faced some kind of miscarriages or struggle in pregnancy then there are chances that you will face these things too. But the biggest reason has found for hormonal imbalance and not ovulating is stress. When a couple does not get proper sleep or live a very stressful life then you might face this issue and you will start producing very fewer sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen. So this is very important for you to know how to low the stress levels. You don’t need to change your life at 360, but to start small do yoga for 15min to 30min try to eat healthy make your daily routine healthy, spend the time you’re your parents and friends. This will help you light up your mood and low the stress levels.

    4. Eat Good Fats and Protein

    This is one of the facts that effects your hormones. Because if you eat low quality good and do not take any protein then you can’t build hormones. Eating good fat and omega- 3s helps your body to procedure more sex hormones and these hormones keep you fertile. To gain good fat you can have gress-fed butter, coconut oil, Wild-caught fish. Eating this quality good is important because getting good protein is a key source of quality eggs. As if you are going under IVF treatment then it is very important for have good protein food to keep your hormonal levels in check.

    5. Endometriosis

    This is one of the issues which affect your pregnancy because endometriosis is a disease where uterine tissue grows outside the uterus. And painful periods and heavy bleeding are the most common issues that prevent pregnancy because it affects fallopian tubes which is responsible for an egg from the ovaries to the uterus. Also in the case of Endometriosis women’s health, age and current condition will play a big part in pregnancy also a study has happened which is found within the 10 couples 2 couples are suffering from endometriosis.

    6. PCOS – Polycystic ovarian syndrome

    PCOS is one of the reasons why couples not able to get pregnant because in the case of PCOS women produce a high amount of male hormones. And This creates a hormonal imbalance and causes women to skip menstrual periods and makes it harder to get pregnant also this issue is considered as the main reason for infertility issues because it affects ovulation. And if you want treatment from the PCOS issue then there are some natural ways to do it like eat healthy food, do regular exercise to maintain weight according to your BMI. Doing these actives can help you maintain your body hormonal levels also help you maintain normal menstrual periods also do remember to visit infertility specialists in case of PCOS because a doctor can guide you well with the PCOS issue.


    These are the 5 reasons why you are not getting pregnant and if you are tiring above the given method then it takes 2-3 months to maintain hormonal balance. Also if you can take health diet advice from a diet nutritionist it will help you more in the process.

    Dr Vaishali Sharma
    Dr Vaishali Sharma
    Dr. Vaishali Sharma MD is an IVF specialist and she is a qualified and experienced gynaecologist and she is practicing IVF for more than 10 years. She has done MBBS from (GSVM Medical College in Kanpur) and till now She has treated more then 4000+ infertility patients with the highest success rate. Moreover, her expertise in the field of IVF has recently Recognized with Hall of Fame Laparoscopic Surgeon of the year – National Silver 2019 and Budding IVF Specialist of the Year – National Golf 2019.

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