Benefits of massaging your baby everyday

    Caring for your baby is a full-time job. From love and affection to care and comfort, babies need everything at an early stage. Spending time with them and helping them grow can make your baby healthier and much happier. One of the best ways in which you can nourish your baby is by massaging the. Some underestimate the power of giving your baby a massage. It is one of the best things to do with your baby as it helps in calming them. Here are some of the benefits that you and your baby can enjoy by massaging them every day.

    Soothes Baby

    Massaging your baby every day can be one of the best ways to soothe your child. Many factors can make your baby restless and irritated, and in order to make sure that they remain happy, massaging is a great way. When you give your baby a massage, it actually produces serotonin in their brain, which releases a chemical that makes them feel much calmer and happy. It evens the babies heartbeat and makes them feel at peace. The important step here is to use the right kind of oil for it. With baby massage oil, you can now relax your babies in the smoothest manner. Free from any types of substances these oils are a great way to soothe your baby.

    Steady rhythmic movements completely calm the babies and make it certain that they feel absolutely no amounts of distress. Massaging with oils can be very beneficial for the babies as it calms them and also nourishes them.

    Bonding With Baby

    Another great thing that massage can do for your baby is that it creates a special bond between the parent and the baby. It helps in creating major things between you and your baby. Trust and communication develop in-depth when you massage your baby every day. You get to learn and understand about your baby every day, and your baby also gets to learn about the movements and techniques you use with them. Your calming touch makes your baby feel loved and cared for, thus making them more used to your touch. This interaction between you and your baby is key to making sure that they feel relaxed.

    When you massage your baby every day, it is that special time that you and they have together. Cherish it and make sure that you do it the right way so that your baby feels more connected to you.

    Relieves Gas

    Babies have their share of troubles and problems that they can only express in one way: by crying as loud as they can. Many babies, especially the ones that are breast-feeding, are bound to be colic and frequently experience gas pain in their stomach. These little cuties are not old enough to be given some medications, so it is best to use the means of massage to help them. Trust me on this one; massaging your baby can do wonders in relieving gas and pain in them. Babies sometimes need help in relieving gas and by massaging them in a proper manner can aid a lot. Make sure you have your baby in the right position and massage their stomach lightly in a circular motion.

    This can help in curing and digestive problems and make and blocked air pass through easily. Keep the rubbing motion clockwise and gentle and let the magic happen.

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    Better Sleep

    A great time to massage your baby is right before their bedtime. It greatly helps them in relaxing and easily drifting to sleep in no time. Make sure while massaging you use a soothing voice with your baby as that help in making them fall asleep more easily. Try to begin the baby massage starting from the feet and then work your way upwards. It will make your baby less fussy and soothe it to make sure they start drifting towards sleep. The massage can further improve the blood circulation in your baby that can help in providing uninterrupted sleep all throughout the night.

    The massage creates higher levels of melatonin in your baby, which can greatly help in lulling your little one to sleep. The recurring movements encourage the baby to unwind and create a feeling of serenity in them. This makes them more inclined towards falling asleep much faster and peacefully.

    Stimulate Growth

    Many people do not know this fact, but massaging your baby can actually help in stimulating growth. By massaging your baby daily, you can aid the process of muscle development in them, which can further help them in growing easily. It is also said that massaging your baby can improve their ability to fight germs better. It stimulates the central nervous system of baby, which then helps in making their muscles strong and more relaxed. It makes you feel more in control of your baby and helps you understand the growth process for them. That way, you know the areas of your babies’ body do you need to target and work with!

    Massaging helps in regulating the organs of a baby, especially the ones that are born prematurely. It regulates their brain activity to normal levels, thus making sure that their growth is stimulated in every way.

    Baby Feels Safe

    Massaging your baby can make them feel as if they have been engulfed in a cocoon of warmth. Some studies even have suggested that massaging your baby can lower crying and fussiness. It can help them sleep more peacefully because it makes them feel much safer. Make sure you create the proper atmosphere before you start to massage your baby. Keep the room dimly lit and warm with soothing music and voices so that your baby can feel as secure as possible. It makes your baby understand the concept of touch, and evidently, it makes them feel much safer and sheltered. This is a perfect way to gain your babies trust and then make them feel more at ease with you whenever you are around.


    Massaging your baby is one of the most important steps that have been done through all the generations before us. It has multi-functional benefits that can help both the baby and its parents. From a relaxed baby to well-rested one, massaging can give your baby the feeling of comfort, security and warmth. Make sure you do try to incorporate massage into your babies daily routine. If done in the right manner, it can help your baby grow while fighting away any stomach related issues like colic and constipation. Massaging your baby is a huge benefit.

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