Top 10 FitnessApps for a healthier you 2020

    As we enter the New Year, people make a lot of New Year resolutions. Do you know health and fitness remains one of the most common priorities of everyone at the start of the year, everyone wants to be a bit healthier than previous years. And now as we become more self-aware, we realize that indeed to live a successful life, one need to balance 3 spheres of life: physical, mental and emotional. One just doesn’t need to be in good shape physically, but mentally as well since mind is the control system of the body. And hence it’s rightly said: the truest form of self love is taking care of your body.

    In today’s time, with the Internet revolutionizing the whole world in less than a decade, our way of living, working and thinking has also changed. As the technologies advance and networks proliferate, a lot of radical disruptions are bound to occur. Taking advantage of this fact, we see the emergence of many health based startups and tech giants, investing their time, money and resources in fitness products and apps. A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners are investing in fitness app development solutions. According to a report from Bond University, there are more than 250,000 apps on fitness and health on app-stores. Hence, with the increasing number of apps and decreased motivation, it becomes crucial to select the most reliable and reputed fitness application to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. We did our research, so that you don’t have to, and bring to you the Top10 grossing health and fitness apps of 2020.

    1. Nike Training Club App:

    Being the most popular and the Editor’s Choice Award Winner for Apple’s app-store under the Health and fitness category, this fitness app will get your gym body at home for free. Trainers and masters from Nike help one create their own intense workout sessions and the app is also equipped with more than 200 workout routines that can be followed by anyone. What’s more is that it even lets you choose the workout for a particular body part and hence suggests sessions for your overall fitness based on your strength and endurance.

    2. Fitbit App:

    This app acts as a personal fitness coach by keeping a check on your activity levels, dietary supplements and even monitors your sleeping patterns. The app can be synced with a smart Fitbit tracker watch to measure almost accurate readings. It tracks your physical activity by tracking total steps, speed and time or by suggesting and tracking exercises. Loosing motivation on the go? The app even lets you share your fitness journey stats with family and friends and you can even challenge them. With a super neat user interface and badge based rewards, the app makes sure that you are always fit.

    3. HealthifyMe app:

    As the name suggests, this fitness app keeps one healthy by being your own personal dietician on the go. Gone are the days of maintaining diet charts and calculating calories when all of this can be done super easily with the help of an app like this. With over 5 million active users, this app helps you achieve your target weight goal by monitoring your dietary supplement needs so that you always eat a balanced diet. With the premium version of the app, personal coaching is provided to users so that professional dietitians can recommend personalized diets based on a user’s lifestyles, food preferences and other details. It even suggests simple body weight exercises as well so that you don’t need to spend hefty money on gyms.

    4. Versafit app:

    This app brings in the fun element to your fitness regime with their unique “go play” model that suggests fitness based activities in your neighborhood that you can be a part of and thus even helps you make new friends. This app even lets you host your own “versafit fitness event” in your community. With each activity completed, it rewards you with points and exciting gifts which get reflected in their leaderboard page through which you can keep a track of your progress and compete with other people.

    5. Trupr – fitness on demand:

    Trupr is an on-demand fitness app that lets you connect with a local fitness or gym trainer and workout wherever and whenever you can. Hence, no more paying for the hefty gym installment fees. The fitness app believes that fitness can be a social activity and hence it lets you find a workout buddy to stay fit with. By connecting you to the right fitness trainers and fitness enthusiast at your convenience and paying by the minute, the app is truly revolutionizing the fitness industry.

    6. Stay Fit app:

    This app helps you stay fit by keeping a record of your exercise and generating a detailed report based on it so that you can monitor your exercise regime in a smart way. They have included features like BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator and BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) calculator along with calorie calculator which help you maintain a healthy weight so that you can make well-informed decisions for your fitness.

    7. app:

    This app is like your own emotional companion to keep a healthy emotional and mental state throughout the day. They strongly believe that only a happy mind can stay fit and hence helps us keep positive thoughts and mind with the help of their unique daily affirmations provided by the leading masters of mindfulness. They even have a section where world-renowned spiritual masters share their mediations to help one remain calm and stable throughout the day. They even have an emotional fitness tracker which helps one record negative thought patterns and helps to strengthen the positive ones. This app is definitely recommended to people going to stress and challenging times in life to keep calm and positive.

    8. Nudge app:

    This app nudges you to keep you on track of your fitness journey for a healthy living. It helps you nudge your friends and family by challenging them. Nudge is a safe, secure place where you can connect with your personal coach who will guide you through simple lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals. It even connects with other health apps and devices to generate a score for your past 30 day activity routine.

    9. Waterlogged app:

    Science says that 70% of our body is water and hence one of the easiest way to stay healthy is by drinking lots of water. Yet most of the people in the world are unable to keep this simple habit in check and hence this app helps you keep hydrated. With the help of personalized charts, reminders and a super smooth visual experience, users can track their drinking goals. It can even be synched with Apple Health, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal& more!

    10. PEAR Personal Fitness Coach App:

    This app provides you with the best hands-free audio based fitness coaching so that you don’t strain your eyes too much while working out. It has curated a list of power-packed workout sessions for varying intensity levels to help you improve your performance. It even helps you monitor your heart rate and even gives a detailed report about your HIIT workout sessions. The fitness app comes with a limited number of free workout sessions but in the paid version you get unlimited access to the library with amazing features.

    Hence, be it a simple stretching exercise to a power packed Zumba session or from a healthy diet to a positive mind, we got you covered with our selection of the best apps out there. With a little dedication on your part and the rest your fitness gym in your pocket would make you fit within the comforts of your home so that you can actually enjoy staying healthy without paying heavy gym fees. Start your decade with the healthiest options at your fingertips. If you are looking for fitness mobile app Development Company, look for the best service providers and get started.

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