6 Tips to open your own rooftop restaurant

    While a patio cafe or a dining area is the best way to draw diners to your restaurant, sometimes there remains no choice if you want some expansion. In urban settings, where there is no enough horizontal space for your restaurant expansion, setting up a rooftop restaurant seems far more convenient and attractive option. A rooftop setting is not only an appealing feature for restaurant goers looking for some fun outdoor dining experience but is also an ideal place to host some private events. But it’s not easy to set up one. Opening a rooftop restaurant, lounge or a cafe is a complicated process than simply setting out your chairs on a sidewalk patio. So make sure you know what you are getting into. Here’s what you should consider before opening one:

    Do your market research

    Before getting into the pool of restaurant business, there is one thing that you must know that competition is very fierce in this industry. The best way to start is to get an experience by working into one so that you how tasks are managed. However, you might have already thought about the idea of your restaurant but market research will help you understand whether you idea will be profitable or not. Ask yourself some question to identify your target market. This can include anything from your visitor’s age group to their occupation. Will your visitors list include city professionals of high salary packages or will you entertain an audience with a budget like students? Answers of these questions will help you to find out the right location for your restaurant and to see what your competitors are doing.

    Setup an Insta Worthy setting

    Do you believe your rooftop setting has a stellar skyline or a beautiful sunset view? Well, don’t let it go in vain. You can use this unused place and convert it into a beautiful dining area with the possibility of generating some good revenue. Consider all the seasons and plan accordingly. Well, Sky is the only limit when it comes to creativity but If possible follow a theme to set up the ambience of your newly launched restaurant. For inspiration, you can check Pinterest for various restaurant themes and interior decor.

    Build up a strong staff culture

    It is very essential to build up a strong culture among your employees. So focus on hiring great people from the beginning. If your employee base is strong, you’ll be sure that they will represent your business well in near future. So figure out what qualities you require in your staff and then begin with your hiring. Also establish effective communication lines among your staff to ensure everything is in place.

    Consider the Menu

    As I said before, competition is fierce in this industry. So either your ambience or your food can make your restaurant stand out from others. Take enough time to prepare your menu. Visit other restaurants and observe what signature dishes they are serving. Then come up with a wide menu including enough variety of beverages and desserts. Be creative and explanatory on your menu. Add the pictures of your delicious dishes on the menu card that help you delight the appetite of your guests.

    License and Registration needed for restaurants

    Don’t take the risk of opening a dine-in venue until you met all the legal formalities. These legal formalities differ by the state and you need to consider all of them. There are a minimum of seven licenses you need to open a restaurant-

    • Shop Establishment licensee.
    • Police eating house license.
    • Local Municipal Authority license.
    • FSSAI licence.
    • Fire Safety Certificate.
    • GST Registration.
    • Liquor/shisha licence if your serve them

    Among all of them FSSAI license, GST registration and local municipal authority license is must to get you started with your restaurant business. Rest can be obtained once you are operational. Other legal licences may also include a Music license, Certificate of environmental clearance and a licence from the fire department.

    Use technology to market the right way

    While taking care of the basic necessities to open a restaurant, we often miss the minor details which are equally important to drive success. For example the marketing of your newly launched venue. For that technology can be your biggest friend that can drive you the success in the least amount of time. With the help of technology you can transform your printed menus to digital signage and website menus to make them accessible from anywhere anytime. A well designed menu with a logo of your restaurant goes a long way in establishing your restaurant as a brand. Social media also plays an important role in marketing and you can reach a wider audience for your restaurant with just one click. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all great platforms to interact with your current and future customers. Also keep up with your online reviews and feedbacks in order to represent your business in the best way possible.

    Use these tips as a checklist to prepare for your rooftop restaurant. Also tell us how you find it. Drop your suggestions in the comments below.

    Shakil Islam
    Shakil Islam
    Shakil is a successful entrepreneur who owns a shisha lounge in London- Aladdins. He is a business enthusiast and free time blogger. He loves to write about distinctive topics helpful to other business aspirants.

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