How to make your baby’s first birthday special

    The first birthday of your little one is always special, but you should not stress over in throwing a picture-perfect party for your little ones.

    The first birthday is actually more fun for the friends and the family. Your little tyke is not going to remember any of it and can even be a bit overwhelmed by it.

    But that does not mean that it is not special, and you cannot have fun! In fact, first birthdays create loving memories for the family and hopefully produce some great photos that you, your little one and your family can cherish forever.

    You can throw the most creative party following Pinterest or you can organise a party that will involve less stress and a price that won’t make a dent in your pocket by following the tips provided below.

    If you are inclined towards the latter, just read on.

    1. Limit the Number of Invitees

    A party may seem to be a great occasion and you may want to invite all your family and friends. But for the first birthday party you should keep the party small and simple especially when you have a sensitive baby who doesn’t do well in the noisy and big social settings or if you have a small apartment. So, if you have decided to invite your entire group of friends or family along with their children, it will take some time to baby-proof the apartment.

    2. Avoid Complications and Embrace Simplicity

    First Birthday

    A small and simple event is just what your little one needs at her first birthday. She will not know the difference between a huge party and that of a small one and too much noise can stress her up, and she can end up crying for the entire day. So, prior to planning a grand party think of the personality of the guest of honour. There are many parents according to whom just sharing some cake and drinks along with a backyard barbeque with close friends and family are capable of generating very warm memories and decrease the chances of the baby being overwhelmed by a huge hustle and bustle.

    3. Opt for Sugar-free Cakes

    A smash cake is something that is super-easy. Your little princess will have a lifetime for ample sugar intake and so you should limit the consumption till you can. For the kid, you can leave the remaining frosting after making the cake into the popsicle molds. For everyone else you can order mini cupcakes that are cheaper, cute and induce less guilt among the guests while indulging in them.

    4. Plan Out the Naptime of the Baby

    This is something of an obvious kind, but the best times of the babies may not always collide with the convenient times for the adults to socialise. If you are inviting the guests with toddlers or infants it is almost impossible to plan around the divergent nap times. But in most cases, it is better for the babies to plan the party before being late. Consider an afternoon party or a brunch shindig instead of something in the evening. Also see to it that the part does not last more than a couple of hours. You don’t want to extend the get-together into the witching hours and too much social time and sensor stimulations mean that the girl will be tired very soon.

    5. Be Prepared for the Unexpected

    From your child losing her cool and crying all day to uninvited guests, you should be ready for everything and expect the worst while organising the party. This will take off a lot of pressure of planning the perfect day. Releasing some of the control over the small details like arranging the balloons and setting the table will help you to enjoy the day and be able to laugh at the subtle flaws that only you can realise.

    6. Take Pictures Before It’s Too Late

    Birthday pics

    After the decorations are all done and everything is up as planned, opt for a photograph with the birthday girl. This will be kind of a keepsake one. Once the guests arrive, you will hardly get any time as you will be busy hosting and the baby can be overwhelmed by the commotion and activity.

    7. Accept Assistance

    Serving the foods after greeting the guests to ensuring that the camera batteries are fresh – conducting everything flawlessly can be quite a tough nut to crack. That is why you should accept help if someone is willing to shoot the video, cut the cake or refill the coffee pot.  This way you can make the guests feel comfy and they will be contributing to the special day of the kid and you will be greatly benefited from the assistance.

    The above are some of the tips as suggested by the experts of reputed event organisation in order throw a fun and special birthday party for your child’s first birthday. By keeping the above in mind, you will be able to organised a party that your kid will not complain about and your guests will enjoy without you requiring to spend extensively or losing your sleep over.

    Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma is a digital marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in the related field. He works with Wonderland Agency, which is one of the best event organisation company in the UK.

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