10 Tips to take care of your skin this winter

    Instead of saying, “winter is coming” we might as well say that winter has come, and along with it came the never-ending fight to keep your skin from looking like a dead body. This is a regular routine that comes every year along with winter. As the temperature drops, so does the moisture in the air causing our skin to look very dull throughout the weather. The skin gets rough, dull and just very lifeless. Sometimes there are cases of the skin to crack as well.

    So, let us go through ten ways through which can take care of our skin this winter and look beautiful with healthy and glowing skin.

    1. Humidifier

    Humidifier is a machine that increases the moisture in the air. So, the air around you will be enough moisturized and thus your skin you be moisturized as well or at least will not react to the cold weather. It is high effective and would be a good investment if you keep it in your house and in your office. You can use this machine every year or anytime according to your convenience.

    2. Decrease the thermostat temperature

    The key fact of dry skin is due to the cold atmosphere and naturally in our house whenever it gets a little chilly outside we increase the temperature so that the inside of our house and thus we stay warm and the cold is not felt. But here is the interesting fact, and that is, it actually will cause for your skin to get even dryer. Yes, that is the truth, so you should not keep the temperature to high and get a summery vibe in the house.

    Keep the temperature to a cool, yet comfortable manner. So that it is not too hot or too cold either.

    3. No long shower

    We tend to take really long showers in winter in the hot warm water. It needs to be stopped and you should only take shower for as long as it is necessary and no extra time should be spent in the bathroom.

    The longer you will take your hot shower the more damage you will cause your skin and it will get drier with time passing by. Also, remember to put the geezer temperature to an average mode as well. Too much hot water will dry your skin and it also causes damage to the tissues. Remember to use a blow dryer every time you shower to keep your hair dry.

    4. Chemical free cleansers

    More often than not, the skin care products that we use to make our skin better turn out to be the products that worsens out skin especially in weathers like winter. For example, face wash. Face wash and relevant cleansing products are very important and we use them every day to clean and wipe the dirt away from our face and body, but these products have rough chemical elements in it. As a result, after using them the skin gets very, very dry. You yourself could feel the dryness after you wash if you notice carefully.

    That’s why you need to buy more gentle products, preferably herbal ones in order to take care of your skin.

    5. Moisturizer

    It is as important and as necessary as wearing warm clothes during the winter. In fact, you should use a moisturizer all year long. It is very good for skin and it has hydrating elements that keeps the skin, soft, smooth, glowing and more importantly, it keeps the natural moisture of the skin intact.

    6. Home Made Skin Care Routine

    The internet is filled with homemade regime that are made for your skin to look fabulous during the winter. All of these regimes are homemade and all of the ingredients are in your house or in the fridge already. They are very easy to prepare, have absolutely no side effect and it will help with your skin to remain beautiful as well. So, it would be a good idea to take a look into those and create your own regime and take care of the skin during winter. They won’t take much time, your will is all that is needed.

    7. Healthy Food

    It is very important to keep a proper diet during winter. Along with your daily food habit, add lots of fruits in your daily food habit. During the winter, there are tons of seasonal fruits and vegetable available. It’s like they are there for your skin and overall health especially during winter. So, if nature itself is providing you with these, why not take the full advantage? Have lots of seasonal fruits and vegetables and make sure that you are always hydrated, so drink enough water as well.

    8. The right clothes

    The clothes that we wear play a significant role in our overall health. It is obvious that during the winter you will wear warm clothes so that we don’t feel cold but make sure that they are also well ventilated and comfortable. It is necessary for your skin to breathe, so be sure of that fact when you are shopping for your winter clothes.

    9. Exfoliate the skin

    Exfoliation brings back your original soft skin as it wipes off the old dead cells and hard skin cell off your face. So, use this process every week in order to keep your skin fresh and glowing.

    10. Hand gloves

    Never forget about your hands, as they are as exposed as our face. Always try to wear gloves when you go outside and always use a hand crème or a moisturizer to keep your hands soft. Use lotion for your feet and keep them covered.

    These are ten of the most basic yet very important and useful things to do when winter is around the corner. These ten steps will help your skin to remain as beautiful as it already is and will prevent any damage that may come in your way.

    The Zigverve Team
    The Zigverve Team
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