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    Have you ever thought of what your life would be like in 20 years? You might ignore this though. Nevertheless, let’s think about how much will you be earning? How much is going to be saved by that time? Most people answer that they are too young to think about it or there is still enough time for that or even that it does not concern them. What is going to happen to you hinges on what you do today. If you have a goal to reach and you strive for it, you will reach it. If you do not need it, you are not going to make it. Ever!

    How to solve a problem of financial independence?

    The first thing you need to do is to work. Working through life is not enough though. Everyone works. Without a job, you won’t be able to earn any penny. Well, almost everyone works. Look at older people now, our parents and grandparents. Do they rest somewhere abroad? Are they happy and financially independent? Everyone has a particular financial life program to follow and certain rules to abide by. It is quite important how much you earn but it is also important how much you save and invest.

    Life consists of three stages: childhood, adult working life and pension. Being a child, we are what our parents invest in. Growing up, we try to find ourselves in our complicated life, we work, earn money and approach our goals if any. Becoming old is the saddest stage, which in West Europe is called free time.

    Dale Carnegie said, it does not matter how much you earn, how much you save is what matters. It is difficult not to agree upon it. Of course, one should not miss out on oneself through life, rest is also needed, let alone entertainment and keeping a family. Look for a higher level of salary then so there was something to save. You should agree that if your passives (car, house, payments for credits, all the other expenses) predominate above actives (source of income), nothing is left for investment. Changing of your financial program is definitely required. Maybe not dramatically but to look it through.

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    How to become richer? Everything is simple, save 10%

    Secret of being rich appears to be pretty simple. It is enough to save a certain amount of your income for reliable checked tools. For example, if you earn 500$, save 50$. Do save 10% of your total income each month. The longer you save, the better. On the average, sum of yearly installment for 20 years becomes twice bigger, for 30 years – it is three times bigger. For example, you save 1000 $ a year. You invest 20 000 $ for 20 years. We get a sum equal to 40 000 approximately. Roughly speaking, for 30 years, this sum is equal to 30 000$ and 90 000 $ accordingly. Does it sound bad? This will definitely work. Saving is not easy, of course, since there are a lot of payable services you should not ignore but can’t afford. For doing that, it is highly recommended to learn how to manage your money. A penny saved is a penny gained. Remember that? In order to save your money, you need to make a plan for your daily/weekly/monthly budget. If you think that it is impossible, start selling, do not collect what you actually don’t need! Buy what you require only! There is no need to purchase everything you see. You will see the difference in a short period of time.

    Social care

    Natural departure from life. Beneficiary is paid that sum of money a person was planning to save. Even if a tragedy happens during the first year of a program payment.

    Accident. Usually, it is a double payment. An accident is considered to be a tragedy throughout the world, which is why payments are higher.

    Road traffic accident. Payments can be multiplied in 3-4 times in accordance with a certain company.

    Disability. A client is free from payment of all the next bonuses and prizes, a payment for rehabilitation happens.

    Additionally. All the possible trauma programs.

    Cash-value life insurance program concept is about pension. Curious to relate, most population of Europe live in accordance with these programs. Become one of them, save and you will be rich.

    I truly hope that these small yet smart saving money habits will help you plan your budget and reach your financial goals ultimately, and, accordingly, will make you rich.

    Melisa Marzett
    Melisa Marzett
    Melisa Marzett who is currently working for is a wonderful writer due to her true love for writing. The article above is a vivid example of her talent. Feel free to read more on her page in Google + let alone contact her through social networks.

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